Edgewood Chemical Biological Center Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment of The Solutions for Edgewood Chemical Biological Center’s (ECBC’s) Management Problems

Impact Assessment is a brainstorming technique that provides a structured overview of the proposed changes to be implemented in an organization. It enables a company or an organization to identify as many negative impacts as possible, as a result of implementing the changes. Serious issues that may arise due to the changes are prepared for and managed during Impact Analysis.

An Impact Analysis was conducted at ECBC, the process involved five steps. First was the preparation for Impact analysis was conducted. A good team was gathered and briefed on the proposed solutions and the problems each solution was intended to address (Impact Analysis – Decision-Making Skills Training from MindTools.com. (n.d.).).

The second step involved brainstorming of the major areas to be affected. Here, whom and what could be affected by the implementation of the solutions to the problems were identified.

In all areas identified in step two of the Impact Analysis, elements that could be affected were identified. This was done by listing all departments of the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center.

Last but not least, having identified all the different groups of people and everything that could be affected, the lists were thoroughly assessed and the potential negative and positive impacts of the proposed solutions were listed. Adjacent to the lists, the size of the impact and the consequences of the decision(s) were noted down (Community Impact Assessment. (n.d.).).

The fourth step was the action part i.e. managing the consequences. The decisions of whether to go ahead or not with the proposed solutions to the problems were made. The key determinants assessed were the negative consequences each solution would bring about, and the cost involved in managing the respective consequences.

The report of the Impact Analysis was released. The first proposed solution to the problem regarding the old Turks was dismissed. The reasons being, the estimated cost of furthering the staff education was found to be enormous. Also, the old Turks have vast experiences needed to be passed to the young and proactive employees. The consequences of implementing this solution were found to be enormous since the productivity graph of the center would not be smooth if at all this solution was implemented.

The proposed solution meant to ensure a good team of highly qualified Human Resource personnel put in place, and their department fully supported by the administration to limit the chances of employing incompetent staff was passed. This was after the Impact Analysis showed that this would result in the center having the best of the best staff in their respective fields. The management cost of hiring and managing the HR department was also directly proportional to the benefits in terms of staff productivity.

Besides, the Human resource department needed to collaborate with recruiting agencies for the first or initial recruitment process, to ensure proper filtering of the best candidates to join the center’s staff as new employees were passed. The estimated cost was reasonable, and the benefits of its implementation outweighed the management cost.

Lastly, the solution to incorporate relevant and modern management programs like the resource planning and Scheduling system, financial systems, risk analysis software, etc to assist top authorities in management was also passed. The center needed to advance technologically to enhance and facilitate productivity and efficiency, not forgetting the center’s mission and vision. The report showed that the overall cost of implementing this solution was high, but since it was an ongoing process to be conducted in phases, it was concluded that the proposed solution was worth implementing.


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