Emirates Airline Company’s Operations and Position Analysis


With regards to the currently revolutionalized business environment, business organizations have been put under pressure to streamline their operations. The 21st century has been very distinct from the previous periods based on the numerous developments realized in the business sector. These developments are closely attributed to the development of technology, communication, transport, education, liberalization of markets and the issue of globalization. With these aspects, a high level of activity in the business world has been witnessed. This has significantly influenced the levels of competition, whereby business organizations are seeking to get a share of the market. In regards to this scenario, the issue of operations management has cropped up. This is one of the elements in business management which is aimed at ensuring higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Operations management has been identified as a special element in business management in present days following the high levels of competition. In regards to the UAE business environment, the operations of emirates Airline Company has been outstanding. This is a leading airline company, which has demonstrated excellence and competence over the last 20 years. This paper will provide an explicit discussion on the issue of operations management, whereby the case of emirates Airline Company will be adopted.

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Emirates Airline Company is a leading airline company in the EAE. The company has a very strong and rich history in its operations in Dubai. The company has been in operations since 1985 in the UAE, whereby it has demonstrated market excellence and leadership. The company has roots from Dubai’s loyal family. In this case, the Dubai’s loyal family air wing offered tow airlines first aircraft. Ever since, the company has been demonstrating numerous growth and development and is presently the largest airline company. The success of the company has extended far beyond Dubai and the UAE, thus showing the expansive nature of the company.

The efficiency of the company in the industry has been identified as a key element of dominance in the UAE airline industry. A key aspect of consideration is the company’s great concern on operations management. The company has been in the forefront in ensuring high levels of efficiency in its operations. This has been attained through emphasis on operations management (Bricault, 2004).

As indicated by Stevenson (2006), operations management is an area of business management which is concerned with designing, overseeing and redesigning business operations. This is undertaken so as to enhance the production of good as well as the provision of services. The concept of operations management has been a necessity for every business organizations following the high levels of competition. Operations management entails the responsibility of ensuring high sense of efficiency in business operations. This is on the aspects of resource usage, whereby the business seeks to use little resources to help in meeting customer needs.

The management of various operations within the business like conversion of inputs into outputs is also focused in operations management. In this case, the issues of labor, raw materials and energy used in all business operations are given a special consideration. The key objective in engaging into operations management is to ensure high levels of efficiency thus boosting the profitability of business organization (Stevenson, 2006).

In the business world today, this topic has been given special attention based on its significant improvement on business success and competitiveness. As observed by Stevenson (2006), there is a very strong relationship between business success and operations management. With this in mind, each business is obligated to streamlining its operations so as to ensure high levels of efficiency. Operations management helps in integrating all levels of an organization, thus boosting commitment and efficiency of all groups. For instance, the senior management is linked to the junior employees thus boosting efficiency. Stevenson (2006) indicated that the highest level officers within the organization shape the strategy, while the employees execute them. All the physical and technical functions of an organization are adequately addressed by operations management.

In this case, the top management helps in coordinating all levels of the organization, thus ensuring higher levels of productivity. The issues of instruction, manufacturing, equipment maintenance, industrial labor relations, production systems, plant management and productivity control are adequately considered in operations management. All aspects of planning and control of day to day activities within the organization are given emphasis in operations management. By adhering to this phenomenon, the success and efficiency of a business organization is enhanced (Stevenson, 2006).

The application and reliance of operations management is traced back in the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. In this case, business organizations have been adopting the concept to boost their production. Significant success has been reported by companies which have adequately relied on operations management. All aspects of production have been identified to be useless or inefficient if they are not properly planned, designed and managed. For instance, the element of labor has been identified to be very core in the success of business operations. With this in mind, there is every need for business organization to efficiently plan and manage labor. This is attained through proper leadership styles, admirable renumerations, and training and development. By adopting these insights, an organization is able to streamline its workforce to attain higher levels of success.

On the other hand, the issue of total quality management has also been identified as very crucial in business operations, whereby a business should monitor the efficiency and quality of all processes and products. The quality of the final products or services is a product of the single operations or levels within the production system, thus the need to execute strict management and monitoring (Wilson, 2005).

The use of operations management in emirates Airline Company has been very explicit. The company has over the years been in the forefront in ensuring high levels of efficiency in all its operations. Based on its key activities in the airline industry the company has been able to succeed through adoption of operations management. To begin with, the company has been very efficient in ensuring it has the best qualified and competent human resources. In this case, emirates Airline Company has been recruiting well-experienced and professional staff and engineers. This is aimed at ensuring that the labor component of the organizations operations is enhanced.

The company has been aware of the significance of efficient human resources in its operations, thus acting fast to streamline it workforce. The competence, charisma, flexibility and enthusiasm of the human resources have been a key focus of the company. This is a vital element in operations management, which is aimed at boosting efficiency and output as well as reducing losses and unnecessary costs (Bricault, 2004).

Despite the expansive or vast nature of the company’s operations, it has been able to effectively adopt operations management to enhance success. In this case, the company adopts hierarchical management system which has helped in ensuring coordination of all other levels of the organization. Through this organizational structure, the senior offers of the organization have been able to coordinate all levels of the organization. The issue of departments for addressing the different fields of the organization has also been adopted. In this case, emirates Airline Company has been able to demonstrate efficiency in operations. Through the use of departments to undertake various engineering works, the company has been able to boost specialization. This has played a vital role in ensuring efficiency in the companies operations (Wilson, 2005).

The issue of operations management has also been witnessed in the adoption of total quality management in the organization. In this case, the company has adopted a Total Quality Assurance team that is obligated with the task of ensuring high levels of quality of all products, materials and services offered to and by the company. This is aimed at ensuring that the final outputs of the company meet the required quality standards. For instance, products and machines relied upon by the company are put under thorough scrutiny so as to ensure high levels of quality. A point worth of consideration is that supply chain management has also been adopted in facilitating the company’s operations. The issue of outsourcing has also been adopted, whereby the company has offered other companies to undertake some of its activities like aircraft maintenance.

In this case, the company has been able to partner with genuine and efficient suppliers who supply various inputs to the company. Total quality management is also employed in this process thus boosting high levels of efficiency and quality. By undertaking these aspects of operations management, the company has been able to reach higher levels of success (Chase et al, 2001).

The success and performance of emirates Airline Company in the UAE airline industry is very explicit. Over the last 20 years, the company has demonstrated market leadership in the construction industry. The success of the company is associated with its key emphasis on the issue of quality. Based on the company’s mission and vision, provision of quality is its guiding philosophy. The adoption of operations management has also been of great importance in enhancing the success of the company, whereby it has been efficient in coordinating all elements of the company’s operations. Through the recruitment of highly qualified staff as well as the use of Total Quality Management, the company has been able to offer the best in terms of engineering services thus positioning itself above its competitors (Bricault, 2004).

In order to improve the company’s operations, better human resources management should be adopted. For instance, the company should restructure the organizational structure so as to ensure full participation of all work groups. This will help in overcoming the current hierarchical structure, which does not incorporate junior staff in decision making. On the other hand, the issue of Total Quality Management as well as proper project management strategies should be adopted. This will help the company in realizing higher levels of efficiency. This will be great improvement which will help in countering any inefficiency which is not adequately addressed by operations management (Bettley et al, 2005).


With regards to the discussion and analysis of emirates Airline Company operations in the UAE airline industry, it has been noted that the company is in a leading position. The company is among the leading players in the UAE airline industry, which is in this case associated with its great concern on quality. The issue of operations management has been given special consideration by the company. In this case, the company has adequately focused on ensuring that all operations and levels of management are adequately integrated. Both the senior and junior officers in the company are adequately integrated to ensure efficiency. In addition, the company has also been efficient in monitoring all other issues of inputs and outputs, thus enhancing efficiency.


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