Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

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The main purpose of authorizing this report was to assess if Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems can be profitable to small business ventures. When an interview was carried out with an expert from a small business portfolio, it was found out that ERP systems were indeed vital in small-scale investments. In addition, it was evident that large-scale business operations can be swiftly controlled by small business ventures that make use of an ERP platform. It was finally concluded that the other types of business operations can tremendously benefit from ERP systems.


The operations and ability of a business organization to implement an ERP solution are the main objectives of this report. For example, the business operations of the Display Solutions have been explored. The company mainly specializes in custom-made display stands. The stands have to be ordered before the manufacturer can begin to work on them. The Project Manager of this company was interviewed on September, 11. On that particular Wednesday, an ERP System known as the Adempiere was demonstrated by the authors of the report. This system aims at offering alternative business management software to prospective customers. Besides, the relevance of ERP software for small-scale businesses has been investigated.


An ERP software is a vital tool for large business organizations that coordinate multiple departments and sub-units. However, a small business venture like Display Solutions has a different experience when using management software, such as Adempiere. This software is rather complex and cannot be suitable for a small business enterprise. Nonetheless, a small business venture can still enjoy the benefits from certain aspects of an ERP system. Issues such as the relationship between partners and customers as well as business workflows can be executed using an ERP system. It is the duty of business managers to decide the system required for their organizations. In the case of Display Solutions, the ERP system was found to be unnecessary for the company.