Facebook Company’s Human Resources Management

Facebook has implemented a variety of labor practices that help this company become more competitive. In particular, by investing in different HR programs, this corporation was able to align the efforts of various departments and strengthen the loyalty of many employees to this organization.

Moreover, the corporation managed to make its workers more committed to its organizational goals. Finally, this organization succeeded in recruiting and retaining the most talented employees who can come from various countries. These are the main issues that should be examined in greater detail.

First of all, the management of Facebook attaches importance to cultural diversity. Their workforce is represented by people belonging to various cultural, ethnic, and religious groups. The main advantage of this policy is that it enables the company to recruit and retain the most talented candidates.

Apart from that, the company pays attention to minute details in order to promote cultural diversity. For example, its employees can eat meals that represent different cuisines (Sullivan 2013). To some degree, this policy makes them more satisfied with their job. In turn, the company’s competitiveness can also be increased. This is one of the benefits that can be singled out.

Additionally, this company lays stress on the importance of family-friendly practices. For instance, its employees are able to work out a more flexible schedule (Pride 2013, 287). Furthermore, in many cases, these people can be allowed to do their job at home. The main benefit of this policy is that potential and current workers perceive Facebook as one of the best employers in the United States. Therefore, the efforts of HR managers are quite effective because they increase the sustainability of this organization.

One should also mention that this company launched an on-boarding program for new engineers and designers. This approach enabled new employees to understand the requirements of this organization. Moreover, these people could get a better idea about the tasks of different departments (Nisen 2014).

The main issue is that these individuals are less likely to struggle with confusion or lack of confidence. Overall, this orientation program enabled the company to improve its recruitment practices. This is one of the details that should be singled out because it demonstrates that the investment in labor practices can be justified in the long term.

Additionally, the organization strives to empower people. For example, they are allowed to select the projects that they are most interested in (Sullivan 2013). In many companies, a worker needs to struggle with various bureaucratic difficulties in order to take this step. As a result, the performance of such organizations is often impaired.

In contrast, HR managers of Facebook strive to simplify this procedure. This is one of the reasons why the company can keep employees more motivated. Furthermore, this organization can better introduce new products or services and respond to external challenges (Griffin 123). This is another detail that should be considered.

The organization concentrates on the commitment of employees. They achieve this goal by focusing on the performance appraisal methods, compensation, labor practices, and empowerment. The main benefit of this policy is that these people are less likely to look for a job in a different company. To some degree, the practices that have been described in this paper make Facebook one of the most attractive employers in the United States. These are the main points that can be made.


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