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This tool will help you decide whether a paper has been written by AI. Just paste the text below, click the button, and check the result!

How to Understand the Result

After you click the β€œAnalyze” button, our tool will provide you with two sets of results: the AI Text Probability histogram and a detailed analysis of the text. Let’s see how to interpret each of them!

AI Text Probability

You’ll see a histogram with four colors, each with its meaning:

  • Red β€” it marks words that AI would most likely use.
  • Orange β€” it indicates words often used by AI in the given context.
  • Green β€” it shows words less likely to be used by AI in the given context.
  • Blue β€” it denotes words that AI almost never uses.

AI-written papers are usually colored red and orange, with no green and blue pieces. In contrast, if you see many words colored green and blue, the text is almost certainly written by a human.

Text Analysis

Below the diagram, you will also see the analyzed text, where every word will be colored according to the categories explained above. By clicking on each word, you can see the likelihood of it being used by a chatbot and 5 other words that can be used in the given context. Sometimes, these 5 words will include synonyms. You can choose synonyms with lower probability levels to decrease the percentage of AI-generated content in your text.

Nowadays, we encounter a rising number of articles and essays created by artificial intelligence. The unregulated usage of AI models might have significant consequences for students and writers. So, reliable identification of AI-generated content is critical to ensuring that ChatGPT and similar AI writing tools are used responsibly.

In this article, we will discuss our Is-This-Paper-Written-by-AI tool benefits, steps to use it, and ways to detect AI-created content at first glance.

πŸ€” How to Check if Something Has Been Written by AI

Is This Paper Written by AI tool is easy to navigate! You need to take only 4 simple steps to receive the result:

  1. Paste the text in the appropriate field of the online tool.
  2. Click the button and wait a couple of seconds.
  3. Reap the result!

❗ Was This Paper Written by AI: The Tell-Tale Signs

It is challenging to detect AI-generated text at first glance. So, we suggest you use our tool to check whether a paper was written by AI. Still, several signs can help you understand that the text was produced by a chatbot. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss them in detail.

Lack of Depth and Analysis

Although ChatGPT can cope with various questions and tasks, there is still room for improvement. For example, the text written by AI usually lacks complex analysis or original thoughts. While robots are very good at gathering data, they still struggle to interpret it meaningfully, find connections between facts, or come to solid conclusions.

Inaccurate Data or Non-Existent Sources

When it comes to stating facts, AI text generators can misrepresent data and do so quite convincingly. They can provide false information, cite inexistent sources, or add outdated or downright falsified statistics. So, if you are reading an essay or article and see multiple discrepancies between what it says and what really happens, you may be sure that this writing was created by AI.

Lack of Current References

One more limitation of AI models is that they do not have real-time internet access so far. Hence, they cannot give current information or comment on the latest events. So, if an article tackles a current topic but uses facts and sources published before 2021, it can be a sign of AI use. Yet, as ChatGPT is gaining internet access, it can learn to incorporate recent sources, making it more challenging to sport AI-generated texts.

Overuse of Certain Vocabulary

AI models don’t think freely as humans do; they just recognize and follow patterns learned during training. As a result, AI models often repeat the same words and phrases in their texts. So, if you see an article that overuses specific words and expressions, it may be a sign of AI-generated content.

Lack of Variation

AI-written texts usually lack variety, tone, and style. The sentences in them can be monotonous due to the same structure and lack of creativity. That happens because robots cannot think like humans β€” they don’t bother with sentence structures and synonyms to make their content unique and variable.

βœ”οΈ How to Make AI-Generated Text More Human

There are several effective methods to make your writing look more authentic:

  • Use our Essay Changer. AI detection tools look at text patterns to see how predictable the word choice is. You can make your paper sound more original and creative by replacing some overused words with synonyms with the help of our Essay Changer.
  • Minimize repetitions. As AI-generated content frequently repeats words and phrases, reducing word repetition can help you sound more authentic.
  • Verify facts and credit your sources. Citing your sources will undoubtedly help you make your work more credible. That’s because AI occasionally fabricates facts and scrapes stuff from the internet without discretion.
  • Personalize your essay. Your text will seem more natural and personal if you include examples from your life or unique analogies.
  • Vary your sentence structure. To avoid sounding robotic, you should use sentences of different lengths and types.
  • Use higher-level vocabulary. Using advanced vocabulary is also a good idea since it helps you increase your score as an authority on the topic.
  • Manually rewrite the whole paper. If everything else fails and you want to make your writing undetectable, you might rewrite the entire essay in your own words.

⭐ Is This Paper Written by AI: Tool Benefits

Our AI detector has a lot of benefits! Look at the table below to learn more about them.

πŸ˜ƒ Easy to use The tool requires only 4 simple steps to receive the result!
πŸ†“ 100% free Our AI essay detector saves you a lot of money since it is absolutely free!
πŸ“Š Visual The detector offers a colorful diagram that demonstrates in-depth text analysis.
πŸ’‘ Intuitive The findings provided by the tool are simple to understand. All you have to do is follow the instructions.
βœ… Effective Our AI detection tool identifies AI-generated content much better than standard plagiarism checkers.

❓ Is My Paper Written by AI: FAQ

How can AI be detected in writing?

You can use our Is This Paper Written by AI tool to quickly and effectively detect whether the text was created by AI. You can also look for signs such as the lack of analysis and current references, inaccurate data or facts, and a monotonous structure and vocabulary.

How do AI text detectors work?

AI detectors look for two things in a text: unpredictability (a measure of how unpredictable a text is) and variation (a measure of variation in sentence structure and length). The lower these two variables are, the more likely the content is AI-created.

How to make AI text less detectable?

To make your text less detectable, you need to minimize repetitions, verify facts, credit your sources, and use higher-level vocabulary and varying sentence structures. Also, you can manually rewrite the whole paper or add some personal anecdotes or examples.

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