SOAR Assessment Maker

SOAR analysis is a powerful tool for creating an image of a firm’s future and development. It focuses on organizational and individual strengths and opportunities. If you want to recognize your own or a business's potential, SOAR analysis is the technique you need.

Doing a SOAR analysis yourself can be time-consuming since you need to do profound research. However, there is a solution! SOAR assessment maker is a free online tool that will do all your work. Continue reading if you want to learn more!

1️⃣ SOAR Assessment Tool

The SOAR assessment tool has numerous features that make it useful for business students. For example:

  1. It is absolutely free with no hidden payments.
  2. It adjusts your SOAR framework to the type of business you analyze.
  3. It saves you time and does all the work for you.
  4. It allows you to choose from various possible SOAR analysis designs.
  5. It is user-friendly and available on any electronic device.

2️⃣ What Is SOAR Assessment?

SOAR analysis is a strategic framework that helps businesses to uncover their strengths and potential. It can also be used to create a personal brand or to inspire self-improvement. So how does the SOAR analysis work?

SOAR Analysis – How Does It Work?

A SOAR analysis stands out because it identifies what works well instead of searching for internal weaknesses or possible threats. It can help a business attract new stakeholders and focus their attention on positive sides rather than negative ones.

What is more, this technique is more action-orientated than other business tools, like SWOT analysis or PESTLE.

SOAR Analysis – the Elements

💪 Strengths Strengths include everything that an organization does the best. It contains the critical recourses, accomplishments, and capabilities. What makes this firm unique? What does it have that others don’t?
🪟 Opportunities Opportunities focus on factors that can lead to a company's success. These are possible partnerships, changes in trends, and market gaps a business can occupy. Think of other customer needs a firm can fulfill in the future.
📍 Aspirations Aspirations build a vision of what a company wants to become and achieve. To discover organizational aspirations, ask yourself powerful and motivating questions. What should a firm’s future look like? What is it passionate about?
💰 Results Results are the practical element of the analysis focusing on outcomes and measuring of a company's future success. For example, what data can measure a business's progress? How will a firm know that it has achieved its goals?

3️⃣ SOAR Analysis Tips

Consider these tips to bring your SOAR analysis to a new level!

  1. Brainstorm all the organizational strengths, including the ones that can be improved.
  2. Consider the successful competitors to indicate the opportunities existing in the market.
  3. Ask powerful questions, like the one we listed in the previous section, to inspire deep thinking.
  4. Experiment with a design of your SOAR analysis to find the most appealing one.
  5. Use other tools like SWOT analysis or Porter’s 5 Forces if you feel stuck with the SOAR template.

4️⃣ Benefits and Limitations of the SOAR Model

Just like other business tools, SOAR analysis has certain advantages and disadvantages.

👍 Advantages

  • It has a simple visualization and is easy to understand.
  • It can be used both for organizational and personal purposes.
  • It is inspiring since it focuses on organizational strengths.
  • It can be used to complement other business frameworks.

👎 Disadvantages

  • It doesn't take into consideration the possible threats.
  • It often can be too broad and lack practical implications.
  • It has some repetitive elements with the SWOT analysis.

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