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    📜 Best Summarizing Tool – a Simple Tutorial

    A summary is a short, clear description of a written fragment highlighting its main facts and ideas.

    Summarizing is an essential skill not only for students but also for professionals who work with texts. Below you’ll find the best summarizing tool. This is a free online instrument we’ve developed to help students write essays. Almost all written assignments require a summary of the used sources. Besides, students need to summarize their thoughts in a concluding part. The task can be challenging, especially when you as a student don’t even have time to read through all the necessary articles. However, with an this best summary tool, developing the perfect summary of any text will only take several easy steps.

    1. Select the passage you need to summarize.
    2. Copy and paste it into the summary generator.
    3. Click the “Summarize” button and wait a bit.
    4. Check out the summarized version of the original text.
    5. Use the summary tool again to make the text even more precise if necessary.

    💡 2 Best Summary Examples

    Check out the examples below to understand how this best summary tool works. We’ve chosen three excerpts: a novel, an article, and a speech. As you can see, if summarized correctly, you can use any text as a source for your writing.

    Example 1

    Summary of the novel “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen

    The novel begins in England in the 19th century and focuses on the life of the Bennet family. The family consists of five sisters with different values and principles. At one party, a rich man, Charles Bingley, develops an interest in the older sister, Jane. However, Bingley’s friend, Darcy, does not like his idea of marrying a woman from a lower class. At the same time, Darcy is increasingly becoming attracted to Elizabeth, Jane’s sister. Eventually, Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, who declines at first, but then agrees when Darcy starts caring about her and her family. The novel covers many topics, including class distinction and the strength of family networks.

    Example 2

    Summary of Steve Job’s speech to Stanford students in 2005

    To share his life experience with students, Steve Jobs organized his speech into three short stories. The first story was about destiny. After dropping out of Reed College after the first six months, he started a calligraphy class. Ten years later, it helped him when designing the first Macintosh computer. The second story focused on love and loss. When he got fired from Apple, he soon met his wife. Together they created a wonderful family that couldn’t have happened if he hadn’t been fired. The final story concentrated on death and Jobs being diagnosed with cancer. This story serves as a reminder that people’s time is limited, so they shouldn’t waste it.

    💯 Tips for the Best Summary

    There are some features of a profound summary to keep in mind. Knowing them is crucial since a good summary allows you to demonstrate your understanding of the text and share it with the readers.

    1. Focus your summary on the main idea. A good summary concentrates on the most critical points of the text and skips the unnecessary details. For example, when writing an overview of the novel with various plot lines, choose the one that can benefit your writing.
    2. Keep your summary brief. A summary is not a rewrite of the original text; it needs to be short and precise. A summarized paragraph usually takes 5-8 sentences and revolves around one key idea.
    3. Do not add your personal opinion. When summarizing an original text, your goal is to reflect on the author’s opinion without judgment. Try to fit all the existing views when writing a summary on a controversial topic.
    4. Make sure your summary is readable. Use transition words to guide the readers through your writing. Transitions also help to highlight the original text’s main idea.

    🎁 Best Summary Tool – the Benefits

    Writing a summary requires both time and effort, especially if you have plenty of material to analyze. That is why we’ve come up with the perfect solution – our best summary tool. To understand why you should give it a try, consider the following benefits:

    What We Offer What You Get
    A task completed in no time You simply need to copy and paste the original text into the best summary tool and get your summary in a couple of seconds.
    A logically structured text for free You will receive a well-organized text with the key points highlighted. The algorithm of the tool creates summaries that are easy to follow.
    All main ideas compressed into one paragraph You don’t have to deal with the long-reads to indicate the key points. The best summary tool will shorten the text and keep the focus on the core ideas.
    Optimized studying routine The summarizing tool allows you to analyze more resources for your writing while you can deal with other tasks.

    ❓ FAQ

    What does summarize mean?

    Summarizing means shortening the original text to focus on its main ideas. You need to rewrite the key points of the original text in your own words. Otherwise, it will be plagiarism. A good summary shows that you have a profound understanding of the topic.

    Why is it important to summarize a text?

    Being able to summarize is necessary for any student because it allows them to process a vast amount of information. The summarized texts can be used as sources for students’ writings. What is more, summarizing is essential for a concluding part of any written assignment.

    How to summarize an essay?

    The first step of summarizing an essay is to identify the key ideas. Then, you need to arrange them with the help of transitional words. You can always apply to our best summary tool to make this process less time-consuming. Simply paste the text and get your ready-made summary.

    How to summarize without plagiarizing?

    To summarize the text without plagiarizing, you need to shorten and paraphrase it. Remember to express the main ideas of the original text in your own words. Whenever you struggle with rewording, you can always use online free paraphrasing tools.

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