Global Human Resource Management: Dell Incorporation

Brief Organization Background

I am currently working for Dell Incorporation. The company is a leading player in the computer and technology industry. Dell sells computers, software, and computer accessories to customers, locally and globally. Michael Dell established the company in 1984. He created “PCs Limited” as a student at Texas University. The company has grown to become a leading provider of services and products to different customers globally.

The company also provides personalized computer services and cloud computing to companies and customers across the globe. The company’s mission is “to provide quality computers, handheld devices, software and computing services to the global consumer.” This company employs many individuals from different cultural backgrounds. This explains why the company should have a proper Human Resource Management (HRM) department.

Is the Organization Local or Global?

Dell Incorporation has its headquarters in the United States. However, the organization operates in different continents, including North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Dell’s global presence makes it a leading global competitor. The company also sells its products and computing services to consumers in countries across the Middle East. In the future, the company plans to collaborate with other companies in order to remain successful.

The Organization’s HR and Responsibilities

As one of the company’s employees, I have observed that Dell Incorporation adopts an international approach for its Human Resource Management. The company encourages the presence of diverse teams. This explains why the company’s employees are from different cultural backgrounds. That being the case, the company’s HRM examines the needs, expectations, and challenges affecting its employees. The department monitors the performance of its employees.

The company’s Human Resource Management department has adopted a “centralized approach” to address the needs of its employees. This approach ensures the company focuses primarily on the global market in order to realize its goals (Armstrong, 2006). This discussion shows clearly that Dell’s HR is similar to that of a typical global Human Resource Management. The approach has played a significant role in the success of the company.

The organization’s HR Department has some specific duties and responsibilities. To begin with, the company’s HR plays a significant role in determining the targeted business strategy. The approach makes it possible to mentor the employees in order to promote the organization’s performance. As well, the HR coordinates issues related to staffing, discipline, and training. It is the duty of the HR department to evaluate the performance of employees and different stakeholders. HR also makes it easier for leaders to manage the company. It is the duty of the HR department to address conflicts and challenges facing the employees. Some other crucial activities of the HR include compensation and coordination of labor issues (Armstrong, 2006).

What the HR is doing Right and Possible Improvements

Generally, the company’s HR department has played a significant role in influencing the behaviors of the employees. The department has promoted character development and performance. The HR department trains, guides, and compensates employees, thus making the company successful. These duties have helped the firm achieve its strategic objectives and goals. As a result, the company continues to provide quality services and products to its customers.

However, it is agreeable that the HR department can develop a “transactional approach.” The approach will make it possible for the company to compete globally and address the needs of the local market (Armstrong, 2006). As well, the firm’s HR should train and empower the employees. This will make the firm successful.

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