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Operations management may be elucidated as organizing, planning, and preparation of the reforms in the production process of finished products. In other terms, it is how a company is structured, including all the departments, all the employees, and they coordinate.

Wal-Mart has used global operations management effectively. For instance, the company has dominated the American market by offering the lowest prices. Nonetheless, the same company has used branding to try to win the market in China. This owes to the fact that branding is a key technique used in Wal-Mart’s operations. In fact, the company works with suppliers intending to source from China and name customers looking to enter the Chinese market (Masters, 2004, P. 3). Wal-Mart also collaborated with Bomperco to command the Brazilian market. This is because the key to winning overseas markets is collaborating with the locals (Masters, 2004, P. 5). Home Depot is another company that has used global operations management effectively. The company analyzed all the risk factors in their different countries of operation. The expansion in Canada, Mexico, and China reveal that home Depot combined its initial knowledge with the customs and shopping traditions of the distinct locations (, 2012, n.p.).

It is important for companies to become competitive in the global arena. This shows an increase in sales and profits thus, satisfying the capital market expectations. Secondly, it satisfies the expectations of employees who have invested with the company. This in turn leads to a dedicated workforce. Wal-Mart is a good example of a company that used the stock purchase plan to motivate its employees. Finally, limiting operations in only one country provides room for loosing profits that can be reaped from different markets (Govindajaran & Gupta, 2004, n.p.).

The effect of globalization on advancements in global operations is notable. This has been witnessed in countries outside the U.S. Companies outside the U.S have used improved technology, modern quality sevice methods, and inventory mnagement. These are some of the types of advancements in global operations management outside the U.S. The RFID technolgy has been used by a variety of managers to cut down on transportation expenses (Masters, 2004, P.6.). Ultimately, the use of the RFID technology by Wal-Mart reveals that the U.S has used technology to improve global operations management thus, cut downon the expenditure.

Classmate’s Post Replies

Hallo Stoltenberg,

I must mention that I also did some research on the global operations of Canon. Cannon has used global management operations has succeeded in a number of nations. Just as you have mentioned, Cannon operates in Canada, India, China, The United States, among other countries. For instance, in India, Cannon allows clients to handle and use the goods before purchasing them. The same company intends to produce faster machines in order to command the market in America. This case also responds to all the companies like Motorola and Bristol and Myers Squibb.

Hallo Bell,

Your work on global operations mentions that Ford has used the global operations management effectively. This is true since it also boosts my opinion that Ford sells small vehicles in America after selling them in Europe. Your explanation of the global operations in Ford Company is particularly outstanding. One has to note that the sale in Europe must succeed for the cars to be sold in America. In addition, the company uses a joint venture to command the external markets. This enables the company to hire local professionals, which escalates their sales.


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