How Managers Establish a Culture of Professionalism

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Professionalism, mutual, trust, respect, and support among employees/followers are some of the key factors that affect progress in organizations. The lack of professionalism, mutual trust, respect, and support in a team will create disappointments, ineffective communication and lack of sharing information, battles over rights, and lack of corporation.

Therefore, as a manager, I will endeavor to establish professionalism, mutual trust, respect, and support in the team under my guidance. I would adopt various techniques to create and enhance professionalism, mutual trust, respect, and support among members of my team.

First, it is prudent for any manager to maintain high levels of professionalism, trust, respect, and support when dealing with the employees. As such, I would respect, trust, support, and act professionally when dealing with the employees and, therefore, lead by example. Second, I will enhance communication among all the members of my team. As such, timeliness and consistency in communication will be key factors that will enhance the interaction between me as the manager and the employees and among the employees themselves. Third, I will ensure that employees embrace each other and work as a team. Although every employee will be responsible for their tasks, I will encourage teamwork by creating environments where tasks are doable in collective manners, especially when collective decision-making is needed,

I will encourage team members to consider the inputs of their colleagues with respect by listening to their views and making proper assessments during discussions as collective solutions are realized. Fourth, I will encourage my team members to practice high standards of professionalism by exhibiting, integrity, prudence, accountability, reliability, transparency, and courtesy when dealing with each other and other organizational stakeholders. Lastly, I will encourage talks about professionalism, mutual trust, respect, and support among the members of my team and provide score-cards to each member as provided by Favell in his article.