Human Resource (HR) Management: Why We Hate HR

I was working in a wholesale organization based in Washington DC. The firm experienced many challenges, which almost led to bankruptcy. The main problem was in the human resource department because there were poor strategies for maintaining employees. The strategies should have been integrated by the culture of the organization to ensure success (Taylor, para 2). The firm changed human resource professionals every time after the expiry of their contracts. This caused the loss of professionals (Fast Company Staff, para 4). The inexperienced employees would not have helped the firm achieve long term goals. They lacked focus on future goals despite a good start after recruitment. The professionals applied human resource strategies, which they had learned during training. However, they did not adjust the skills to the business strategies of the organization. They did not realize that the business strategies changed very fast and needed to be integrated with the compensation strategy. The professionals were supposed to operate a set of principles and personal values. However, not all employees were competent in achieving that goal. The company started outsourcing some of the human resource activities. In most cases, the professionals claimed to be good at performing the outsourced activities. Nonetheless, they failed to focus on the most important aspects.

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