Human Resource Manager’s Interview on Business Trends

How is the effectiveness of HR measured in the company?

The company uses specific HR metrics, as well as ROI, to assess HR performance. The most important metrics, in our case, are employee retention, the cost of hire, and the average time of hire.

How does the company do ROI? What is the methodology used? How well are the numbers accepted by management? How has this helped HR’s reputation in the company?

The ROI is calculated by dividing net revenue by the combined cost of salaries and benefits. When applied to the HR department, the numbers are generally acceptable by the management. This allows for more trust in the HR’s actions and propositions.

How do HR professionals develop the skills to deal with the future business world?

Monitoring the current trends and going through regular training allows to keep up with the development of business and the HR approaches.

Which trends are affecting the company and what is HR’s role in helping the company be successful in that environment?

The Next Workforce trend is, without a doubt, the most influential. The work of HR is crucial to accommodate for the newly-developed workforce multi-culturalism by reviewing and updating communication practices, regulations, and so on.

Does HR sit at the strategic planning table? If so, how did this come about? If not, what is HR’s role in helping the company meet its goals?

The HR participates in the planning process, but is more of an observer than an influencer. The HR’s responsibility is to propose best ways of change and apply them to workforce effectively.