Importance of Power, Influence, and Politics for Employees Promotion

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A great contribution to the topic “Ethical Application of Power, Influence, and Politics by an Employee to get a Promotion.” Most people view the negative perspective of the concepts, but workers have to master ways to enhance elevation in their careers. Expert power can be a very efficient approach to gaining a promotion. Arguably, expertise is among the primary requirements of a particular job. Hence, one can use individual skills as leverage, especially if limited people match their experience. Appealing to the management is an aspect of politics that can enhance the chances of a promotion. In essence, being relatable proves flexibility in new environments, which is an important trait in leadership. Influence facilitates promotion if you seem to have authority over the others showing you can handle more responsibility. If an employee is willing to achieve their desired levels of success, an interplay of the effects of all the factors can be more efficient to attract a promotion.

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However, the technique of impressing the administrators might fail. Tying to portray a nice image so that your colleagues may like you do not have a promised result of promotion as it may seem like a faking of character. Alternatively, one can build personal relationships with people possessing reward power. A friendly relationship with influential people can be significant as they can make promotion recommendations for you. In addition, you can apply the personal appeal tactic by asking for a personal favor if the person is an executive within your organization. According to Jokinen and Pehkonen (2021), evaluating an employee’s performance plays a pivotal role in promotions. Thus, making a friendly request is ethical as the manager or employer will consider relevant qualifications before making their decision. Ethical practices provide equal promotion opportunities for all workers in an organization.


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