International Advertising: Adapt or Standardize

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The motive about whether to adapt or standardize international depends on a number of organizational issues. These parameters that define “depend on” in standardizing international advertisement include the need to reduce costs directly or indirectly related to advertisements, the presentation of a global brand to prevent consumer confusion when firms are dealing in competing or substitute products and increase efficiency in marketing initiatives. It can be discerned that from the above discussions that the main motive to standardize international advertising depend on the desire to gain economies of scale, while the main reason behind the adaptation of international advertising is to enable consumers to relate to the advertisement.

In addition to the above, the supported version of advertisement adaptation includes adjustments to differences in culture, regulation in reference to the product on sale, competition among companies selling similar or substitute products, target market demographics and stage of the product life cycle. In addition to the above, the role of the media and the level of product appreciation in the market also form dependent factors on the adaptation of standardization of product advertising.

Other factors have also been pointed to as critical in the adaptation or standardization of international advertisement. These include the international experience of the organization, organizational objectives, advertisement objectives and the financial conditions of the firm that determines the extent to which a firm can advertise its products. Last, environmental factors form an important factor that impacts standardization and adaptation. Other related factors that have been advanced by literature and research articles that encompass environmental factors include the cultural environment, economic conditions, the consumer profile, legal conditions and the social structure within the targeted market.