Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Country’s Evolution Management

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The country’s management evolution stages provide an opportunity for HQ managers to consider options that foster the successful expansion of KFC-J operations in overseas markets. If I were Weston’s administrator in HQ, the appointment of individuals with great entrepreneurial capabilities would be my first option to consider. The entrepreneurial spark of individuals appointed to head operations in foreign markets is central because it allows them to come up with better ideas for implementing this particular business abroad by paying attention to key issues such as market trends, political risks, and legal issues among other aspects. Additionally, allowing overseas units to gain autonomy is an important step towards the success of expansion strategies. This strategy limits unnecessary conflicts with HQs. Moreover, making sure that professional managers handle major processes in all foreign and autonomous units is also a crucial step that can bolster the realization of efficiency in the area of management.

Amid having an entrepreneurial spirit, Weston has demonstrated a lack of professionalism, particularly cooperation that is required when managing international KFC units. Hence, I would consider offering the necessary training to enhance his managerial expertise because he already has the local knowledge concerning Asian markets. This training program would not only be instrumental in enhancing Weston’s mastery of management but also polishing his operating skills. As a result, he will realize the importance of planning, evaluating, and developing new ideas that contribute to the success of KFC-J’s strategic initiatives.

Mayer should consider appointing professional managers to support Weston’s implementation of KFC’s strategic expansion initiative in foreign markets. The move will ensure that Weston learns management practices not only theoretically but also practical when working with a team consisting of professional managers. He already has an entrepreneurial background and the local knowledge required to execute the operations of this company’s units in new countries. He only lacks is the administrative capabilities that help to enhance the competitiveness of KFC in international markets. The option to allow Weston to lead a team of professional managers should be the best because it strengthens the third phase of a country’s management evolution.