Kudler’s Fine Foods Company and Economic Trends

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Recent economic trends would have an impact on Kudler’s fine foods business. This is because the company deals with perishable goods, and any trend affecting demand means that the organization has to experience the impact. For example, inflation, which causes changes in purchasing behavior among consumers, has a great impact on the business. Such trends in the market should be predetermined by company marketers in order to come with strategies to counter them (Plunkett, 2007).

For example, managers should be able to analyze the impact of previous inflations on their business. When economic factors trigger the international movement of people, the business is affected. In a case where tourists flock to cities where Kudler stores are located due to economic factors, they increase the demand for food. Any activity in the economy may either have a positive or negative impact on the business. This is because the activity may increase or reduce customers (Hulsmann and Pfeffermann, 2011).

Increased customers mean that sales will increase, while a reduced number of customers mean that the number of sales reduces, as well. Fiscal policies may also have different impacts on the business since government policies have to be followed. For example, a government may come up with a policy that favors the business or otherwise.

The company has been extremely keen on observing changes in the market to avoid making losses. For example, they have a strategy of cutting down their inventory whenever they sense that there will be a downturn in the economy. This means that Kudler’s fine foods company has skilled analysts who work tirelessly to ensure that they study both the national and international economies. They help in predicting future economic trends and coming up with reaction plans to ensure that the business does not suffer a loss due to changes. The company has come up with an insurance strategy to make sure that all its operations are covered.

In case of a sudden downturn in the economy, leading to losses, the insurer helps the business to recover some of the losses. For example, there might arise political unrest affecting the economy, since consumers may be unable to reach the stores for food, a lot of food may go bad. This is due to their perishability nature, and this translates to losses for the organization. The insurance companies cover such damages, and in such cases, the company does not lose everything as it is compensated (Plunkett, 2007).

The company has applied several strategies to ensure that they achieve their strategic goals. They ensure that customer satisfaction remains the key element of their success. This means that the company has come up with a customer care unit that ensures that all customers are satisfied. For example, after purchasing food from their outlets, customers are given some questionnaires to fill in regarding their services. This is crucial in ensuring that the staff respects customers and serves them with hospitality. This department follows up with customers by calling them over the telephone to find out whether they got satisfied with their products (Hulsmann and Pfeffermann, 2011).

This helps the organization to find out what customers feel about their products, and in case they have suggestions meant to improve their services, the management considers them. Kudler’s fine foods company has strategies concerning their survival in the market, and this is the reason why they spend a lot of resources on advertising. The organization knows that customers need to be reminded of their existence and creating awareness for potential customers hence increasing their market share.

They ensure that they study their competitors’ deeds in order to perfect their actions to maximize their customer equity. In doing this, the company has been able to achieve its strategic goals as all aspects remain addressed appropriately.

The human resource in Kudler’s fine foods company plays key roles in the achievement of its operational goals. The human resource department ensures that they recruit qualified staff in order to ease the work for supervisors. This means that the staff remains self-driven whenever carrying out their obligations (Kudler Fine Foods, 2012). The human resource ensures that issues raised by employees are addressed in time. This motivates employees to work harder as they feel respected and cared for by the organization’s management. Organizations that mistreat their employees end up with poor performers hence keeping off their customers.

Employees are taken through training to ensure that they are conversant with their obligations. They are given techniques on public relations to ensure that they handle customers with respect and expected hospitality. In addition, the human resource department makes sure that employees working conditions and terms are conducive. For example, employees work in shifts to avoid instances of fatigue, leading to errors in their operations.

There is a reward system for recognizing the efforts of employees who perform well, and this motivates employees to perfect in their obligations. Employees are involved in the problem-solving process hence empowering them since this is vital for any transparent organization. When employees are involved in solving problems, they accept the solution and work to embrace each other. This promotes the spirit of brotherhood within the organization.

I would like to invest in Kudler as a mutual fund manager because this organization is successful. Looking at their financial statements, Kudler fine foods company is doing well in its operations. There are so many advantages associated with investing in this organization because the security of money invested is guaranteed. This means that the risk of investing in this organization is low because it is a highly profitable organization.

Its accounting is done in a transparent manner, and this is evident from the financial statements provided by their accountants. According to Kudler’s strategic plan, it is evident that the manager of this company is focused and is willing to stay in business for a long (Kudler Fine Foods, 2012).

Therefore, investing in such companies remains advantageous because the investor is guaranteed for their returns. In addition, the company is complying with state laws, and this can be evident from the financial statements where the company has license expenses. This means that the company pays taxes to the local government through licenses. It is indispensable to invest in such an organization since they respect the law; hence they can respect the investors and shareholders, as well.

Kudler’s fine foods company is a highly prosperous company as it is extremely profitable. From both analyses, the company’s management puts into consideration all factors that aim at cutting costs and maximizing profits. They have policies to guide employees on how to handle customers hence remaining the preferred food store by many customers. In addition, the company has strategies to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved (Plunkett, 2007). Therefore, the organization ensures that its vision is achieved through mobilizing employees to work in accordance with the mission and vision statements of the company.


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