Lack of Women in National Basketball Association

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NBA Overview

The National Basketball League is an organization operating in the sports field, with a focus on basketball. They sponsor and manage a number of basketball teams, promote media coverage and organize events throughout the US. While a portion of the staff manages the actions of basketball athletes, their performance and games, other parts of the company similarly work within the online sphere and the television to secure an audience. Despite a comparatively large number of staff and resources, the company faces significant issues regarding diversity. Currently, it can be noted that the number of female staff is extremely low, and the situation has not improved in a major way throughout the years(Cretaz, 2018). The lack of women in leadership or influence positions means a lack of varying perspectives and an inability to provide fresh and new professionals with the opportunities they deserve.

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Satisfaction of Three Stakeholders

There are a number of significant stakeholders in the improvement process for NBA. Firstly, the basketball players that the organization manages are impacted, as changes in leadership directly contribute to the way players are treated. With more emphasis on diversity within major positions at the company, the desires, experiences and needs of players will be better understood, especially for the women’s NBA team. The second group of stakeholders are the team owners and shareholders, who could benefit from the potential media attention given by a decision towards diversity. The positive press opinion and public support will come as a way to boost profits and attract a larger crowd towards the organization. Thirdly, the fans of basketball are another group that will be impacted by this change. Having more women employed at NBA has the potential to improve the relationship between the fans and the organization, increasing sales and attendance for games.


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