Leadership Competency in Global Business Community

Subject: Leadership Styles
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Consistent with Kedharnath’s observations, my understanding of leadership is that it is important in every aspect of life, including politics, business, religion, and social networks. I understand a leader as a person who arranges and guides other people towards the attainment of common mutual objectives and goals. Leadership occurs through the interaction of three contexts, namely leaders, followers, and situations that prompt the deployment of leadership skills.

For the case of PMU, I have applied leadership competency in teamwork. For example, my team members can spend several hours deliberating on issues concerning the subject under discussion. This goal is not achieved by forcing people to remain attentive to the discussions. Rather, it is achieved through influence. A primary ingredient for this goal is leadership. Through the competency, all team members come to the discussion with a clear team-oriented vision. Where some people may be wrong on some issues, I help them to be right, rather than criticizing or downplaying them. Our study team is based on the core values of speaking positively about each member and believing in our capabilities.

As a future business leader, I feel I can contribute most to today’s local and global business community by leading through change. One of such contributions entails the theme of leadership through a change in helping to deal with the problems of workforce diversity. The necessary knowledge and skills for accomplishing this goal encompass comprehensive leadership processes that are aimed at developing work environments and employees who possess different demographic characteristics, technical expertise, and other differences among global and local communities. It also requires the establishment of an organizational culture that upholds labor diversity.