Management: Medicare and Workplace Safety

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Employee Perspective

Analyzing the topics presented on the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s website (EBRI), I can emphasize that Medicare at the workplace, pension and compensations, and quality of work are the ones that are crucial for me as an employee. As far as many publications are devoted to the surveys analyzing the employees’ satisfaction with Medicare, I believe that often this essential factor is overlooked by many employers. The same goes for the pension and compensation confidence and healthy working conditions. All the employers want their hard work to be appreciated. Thus, when the working condition contribute to their well-being, employees will try harder to show better results (Pynes, 2008). As far as employees put a lot of effort into activities, they require compensations in different situations and insurance that their old ages will be secured. Also, employee would like to learn about the hazardous working conditions during the recruitment procedure and find out which compensations are provided due to this.

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Employer Perspective

As an employer, I am concerned with providing proper Medicare, healthy working conditions, and a retirement basis for my employees. There are many publications on the EBRI site which address the dependence of the quality work on the age of the employees. Therefore, providing comfortable working conditions suitable for people of all ages is one of the top employers’ priorities. According to the EBRI topics, medical insurance may increase the worker’s satisfaction and, as a result, level their performance. Conducted in different years, retirement confidence surveys prove that it is essential question for the employer to consider. Employees’ benefits, including the retirement conditions, will attract quality workers and motivate them to perform better working results (Pynes, 2008). The healthy and comfortable working conditions, reasonable retirement basis, and medical insurance will contribute to the company growth through accurate and respectful Human Resource management.

It turned out that the topic of Medicare and workplace safety are substantial for both employees and employers. The retirement issue is also connected with both perspectives, but the employee’s one is more specified and includes the compensations. Therefore, most of the problems addressed are the same from both perspectives.


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