Motivation in Employees Management

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Nowadays, companies are desperate to find new efficient strategies when it comes to hiring new talents, motivating, rewarding, and promoting them. The growing complexity of human resources management vividly shows that there is still no optimal strategy that can be applied to all employees. Therefore, an analysis is required to fully understand all the factors that stand behind the high motivation levels of productive workers.

The most important components of a high-quality human resources plan include the analysis of labor supply, a labor demand forecast, and means to balance projected labor demand with supply. According to Pride et al. (2019), human resources planning is the development of strategies to meet a firm’s future human resources needs. Moreover, a well-defined plan should also include various strategies that are expected to be useful when motivating different individuals. For instance, my religion undoubtedly influences the way I perceive the relationship between employers and employees. Moreover, my attitude towards work ethics has also been shaped by my beliefs. Assisting customers, guiding my colleagues, sharing my experience with them, and the atmosphere of trust building are just a few factors that motivate me in the workplace.

Intrinsic motivation, in most cases, proves to be much more powerful than extrinsic. There is certainly a hierarchy of motivation factors, and those on top are rarely related to prosperity and security. Modern people tend to be motivated more by making an impact, realizing potential, etc. Therefore, human resources managers should focus more on the inner strings of an employee that can make him/her feel needed and get passionate about performing the duties. Religion can offer numerous strategies that can be successfully applied to motivate employees. For instance, the emphasis on the importance of serving others, fair dealing, frequent use of “don’t be evil” policies, and many other features of the biblical worldview can be used for motivating modern employees.


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