Organizational Culture in UAE: United Front Corporation


  • To appreciate cultural diversity and meet the varied preferences of our clients.
  • To liaise with different designers to ensure that customers have access to the current fashion and trends.
  • To establish more clothing distribution outlets throughout the UAE.
  • To develop effective delivery systems to cater for clients who do not have the time to visit our store.


  • To become the leading national clothing company that meets all the needs of persons living in the UAE.
  • To become a reputable global online company.

Background Overview

United Front Corporation will be established based on the fact that the UAE has become the epitome of cultural diversity. However, most organizations continue to uphold a predominantly Islamic culture that does not recognize the capabilities of personnel from other cultures. Also, retail shops sell goods that are predominantly in favor of the Islamic culture. This company, therefore, will be involved in the sale of clothes not limited to Islam. As the name suggests, this company aims at creating an organizational culture that will bring people of different cultures together; employees will be from different cultures present in the UAE. To accommodate this element, all individuals will be given respect as per their socio-cultural background. Besides, it aimed at selling a spectrum of textile designs to suit the different preferences, tastes, and cultures of people living within the UAE.

Recruitment and Promotions

Individuals will be employed based on their qualifications, and cultural representation will be commensurate with the national representation. In the same light, salary will be based on an individual’s qualifications and experience, both of which would determine a person’s job group/level. Employees will move up the job scale, and this will be determined by their appraisal reports. Also, this appraisal will determine salary increments for each year.


English is perceived to be a global language, and it will be the main means of communication. Embracing different cultures will allow customers from different cultures to communicate their needs representatives from the different cultures will aid in translation.

Ethical Principles

Employees will need to treat the clients with respect, and the same will be required of the clients. Courtesy will be emphasized between employees and customers, and employees and their coworkers. Employees will be expected to act in all honesty; they will be expected to give accurate information to the customers, and practice integrity in their respective areas. Customers will be issued with feedback forms, and they will be requested to give their feedback on the services offered to them. The customers will be asked to indicate areas of improvement, and these will help to propel the company to higher levels.


There will be an open-communication policy that will enable the employees to give suggestions on how to improve the company and make it a better place for both customers and employees. Employees will also be allowed to present any complaints, and these complaints will not be used against them. Supervisors and lead managers should be ready and willing to listen to the employees. All new employees will undergo an induction process before the commencement of work. During this time, the organization’s policy will be explained to them. In addition, new employees will be linked to an experienced coworker for guidance and on-job training. The company will also have an open-door policy in that the client can access the manager directly in the event of an irresolvable complaint. Also, the employees will have direct communication with the manager in the case of sensitive issues that cannot be addressed by an immediate supervisor or departmental manager.


The company will create a tournament kind of system that will acknowledge and appreciate the best employees in relation to customer service and teamwork. Besides, the best employee in relation to performance determined by the amount of sales will be rewarded. All in all, all employees will be given a voucher at the end of the year as a Christmas gift. The voucher given will depend on the performance of each employee based on an appraisal exercise. Each year, there will be a teamwork and capacity building exercises to reinforce teamwork and appreciation of cultural diversity.

Policy Formulation

A working policy will be formulated before setting up the business and will be reviewed over time to factor in the interests of the company, clients and employees. Each stakeholder will represent a particular department. The policy will outline the organization’s authority structure and responsibilities of each level of authority. It will also delineate the code of conduct

Organizational structure

The highest authority will be a board of governors, who will be mandated with the responsibility of evaluating the performance and activities of the top management: CEO, HR, Finance Manager, IT Manager, Logistics Manager, and Relationship Manager. The finance manager will be responsible for the sales activities about balancing the ledger books and cash books, as well as oversee the successful formulation and implementation of marketing strategies. The logistics manager will ensure that all resources in terms of goods, equipment, and are available. The IT manager will be in charge of monitoring and updating the security surveillance system to ensure that there are no hiccups within the security section. In addition, the IT manager will ensure that the company is equipped with the latest software to aid in the effective delivery of services as the company moves towards becoming a global company. The department managers will be a representation of cultural diversity as well. A diagram to summarize this structure is shown below:

Organizational structure
Organizational structure

Decision Making

The top management and a representative of the staff members will be involved in decision-making processes. Any decision to be made will be pegged on prevailing identified gaps, feedback forms from clients, and suggestions and complaints from the employees.

Training and Personal Development

The company will create development opportunities for employees by providing training and refresher course opportunities. Employees will be offered training opportunities in different courses meant to enhance employees’ business management, customer service, marketing, and proactive skills. In the long term, these training chances are meant to empower employees so that they can aid in expanding the corporation’s clientele and developing cost-effective strategies for maintaining the company’s expanding clientele base.


The company will be non-tolerant to any violation against company rules. A disciplinary committee will be formed in case of anyone who creates an offense, and it is this committee that will determine the degree of the offense, and the verdict of the offender. The rules will be applied equally to everyone, and any person noted to show any sign of discrimination will be dismissed immediately, without even forming a committee to listen to him or her.