Primary Target Markets for McDonald’s

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In its operation, McDonald’s target customers of different age groups, that is, adults and children. This means that the firm has a wide target market. However, children form the key primary target market for the firm. McDonald’s basis its target market on factors which are easily identifiable in the market. In most cases, age influences an individual’s needs and preferences. For example, McDonald’s uses hello kitty for promoting its product amongst.

The toys used are suitable for its primary target market which is composed of children. There is a high probability of the shape of a toy attracting children compared to adults. However, adults also purchased the product due to its shape. The hello kitty dolls targeted children of both genders aged below twelve years. In order to succeed in this target market, the dolls were made in the shape of a boy and a girl. Due to their shapes, both the young and the adults were attracted to purchase the products leading into an increment in their sale.

Individual’s lifestyle has and influence on the demand of a product or service. As a result, individuals want and needs vary depending on their lifestyle. Firms in the fast food industry ensure that their customers’ needs and wants are satisfied depending on their lifestyle and standards of living. Providing products and services on the basis of customer’s lifestyle and living enables a firm to effectively position itself in the market. The resultant effect is that the firm attains a high competitive advantage.

In an effort to expand its target market, McDonald Company diversified its products. For example, in its American market, the firm developed mighty kids meal, double cheeseburger, a spice chicken mc nuggets or double hamburger. These products targeted the teenagers’ market. During its 25th anniversary, the firm developed the go active adult happy meal for the adults. The adult happy meal included a book which had details on the best method to exercise in order to avoid obesity because obesity.

This resulted from realization of the fact that obesity has become a health challenge in America. The adult happy meal was composed of a bottle of water and a salad. Through its product development, McDonalds Company concentrated at satisfying both the needs and wants of the target market. In addition, through its marketing and product development strategy, McDonalds was able to expand its primary target market to include teenagers and adults.

Other than children, McDonald also produces products for other markets which include teenagers, seniors and adults. In an effort to attract its target market to make a purchase of its products, the firm served the meals attractively. For example, toys were included in selling happy meals and mighty kid’s meals. On the other hand, the adult happy meal included a book, salad and water. This played a vital role in attracting adults to purchase the meal.