Procurement Procedures for Purchasing

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Grafton High School is a part of the York Country School Division. This establishment requires sufficient material support to achieve educational goals. When it comes to low-value routine purchases, Grafton High School offers special procurement procedures that should be performed. The related procedures are Requisition Form, Approval, Purchasing, Receiving, Tracking, and Making Payment. Thus, this memorandum is for faculty and staff meetings to provide employees with an understanding of how to deal with purchase procedures.

Detailed Procedures

  1. Completing the Purchase Requisition Form (Appendix A). One should start by indicating the date of when the requisition is completed. Then, the form should have vendor information, including full name, address, phone number, and fax number. Special Instruction box should include any additional information such as Date Needed and others. The table below this box tells about the quantity, units, description, unit price, and total price of the needed items. This table is followed by Sponsor and Principal signatures to ensure that the form is an official document. Activity Account section mentions the number of Grafton High School account that is followed by contact information. This form should also be supported by quotations and necessary documentation, when applicable.
  2. Approval. The Requisition Form and the documents above should be sent to Michelle, Financial Secretary. Her further actions are to get approval from the Principal and assign a P.O. number to it. This number will later be discussed in the Purchasing section. Once approved, the Requisition Form should be inserted in the system by the school administrator. At the same time, Michelle should cut requests for check (Appendix B).
  3. Purchasing. At this stage, the person who has made the purchase request should place the order. This procedure consists of a few steps that include scanning, emailing, and phone calls. It is obligatory to provide the supplier or vendor with the P.O. number to avoid any problems with the late deliveries or deliveries of incorrect goods. Furthermore, the suppliers should be informed that any documentation will only be processed if it includes the given P.O. number.
  4. Receiving. Once the vendor or supplier has delivered the goods, it is the responsibility of the person who has placed the order to check these goods against the Purchase Requisition Form. It is necessary to draw specific attention to quality, quantity, and prices. If there are any discrepancies identified, the supplier should immediately be notified of them. If this happens, the school employee should attach a specific note with the details.
  5. Tracking. The delivery docket, Purchase Requisition Form, and any other supporting documentation, if available, are then passed to the Accounts Administrator. Their task is to input the information in the school system to receive the goods. Until the invoice is received, the Accounts Administrator retains these documents on file. This stage allows Grafton High School to make sure that it does not lose the goods delivered.
  6. Making Payment. Once the Accounts Administrator receives the invoice, their further actions should depend on the sum that is stipulated in it. If it is under $50, the Account Administrator is free to make payment when they have the required amount in place. However, if the sum is higher than $50, it is necessary to get the final approval from the Principal. Consequently, the payment terms can significantly vary depending on the sum in the invoice.