Rachel’s Bus Company: Risk Strategy

Rachel’s Bus Company is a successful business venture. Rachel has portrayed some of the best moral practices as an entrepreneur. She has used new practices in order to make her business successful. She has employed many people from her neighborhood in order to achieve her goals. She has encouraged her drivers and stakeholders to use every opportunity in order to achieve their goals. This approach can be termed as a good social practice. Social entrepreneurship encourages every businessperson to address every challenge affecting his or her community. Every responsible institution in a given society will always achieve its business goals.

The practice also comes with its share of risk-taking. A risk-taker will achieve his or her objectives much faster. A risk-taker considers every possible opportunity. This person will make positive decisions and eventually achieve his or her business goals. Rachel Hubka portrays a risk-taker. She employs new drivers without any formal training. This practice can affect the performance of a business firm. Rachel has always dedicated herself to the expectations of these drivers. The company has always mentored, trained, and encouraged drivers. This explains why Rachel’s Bus Company has always welcomed new risks. The agreeable fact is that such risks have made Rachel’s business successful.

The company allows its drivers and employees to look for greener pastures. Rachel ensures her employees make the best decisions. This practice can be disastrous in any business organization. Rachel always welcomes her former employees to the company. According to Rachel Hubka, this practice always motivates and empowers these drivers. The drivers are always satisfied with the working conditions at the company. This level of risk-taking is very high. The practice might affect the performance of the firm. This might occur when the drivers decide to attack the firm’s mission or vision. This situation might affect the performance of the business. Rachel’s strategy can also make the firm less profitable.

Rachel’s Bus Company has always maintained the highest level of professionalism and pride. The drivers always get the best training and support. The company allows its drivers to look for new employers or business partners. The company also gives its employees the best salaries and remunerations. This practice has encouraged drivers to support the company’s mission. The company is always ready to create new leaders, entrepreneurs, and managers. This practice can be dangerous and affect the performance of every business firm.

This explains why the company’s owner is always ready to undertake new risks. The company has also created new competitors. The owner of the company is not afraid to take more risks. She believes in the highest level of professionalism.

The company’s Open Door Environment (ODE) policy always attracts new drivers. The door is always open for drivers who used to work with the company. These drivers might harm the company’s culture. The company does not consider this a threat. Rachel encourages every person to become independent. Rachel encourages her drivers to remain focused and dedicated. These risks can affect the company’s future performance. Rachel’s Bus Company always supports the needs of its employees. Every stakeholder in the community trusts the company. This discussion explains why every firm should consider these practices in order to achieve its objectives. This is the best approach towards a socially responsible business.