Recruitment Audience, Compensation and Benefits Package

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As a member of the HR management department who designs a strategy for hiring workers, I would focus on employees who are best suited to the company’s needs. If I imagine that the hypothetical company analyzed in this essay belongs to the sphere of Internet advertising and promotion, I would be justified in being interested in specialists in this sphere. In this case, I would like to emphasize that in hiring. I would not create a segregation policy, highlighting a specific category of job seekers by age, gender, or even more ethnicity. The key parameter to pay attention to when selecting new employees is their knowledge and competence. The attitude of employees to the company, as well as their stress tolerance, would also play a role.

Working in a company that provides advertising services is creative and, to a certain extent, stressful. I would need confident specialists who can work in a short time and not show weakness. Indeed, it would be worthwhile to provide HR practice of motivation and stimulation of work in the company. According to Herzberg, the company employees are interested in two basic categories: hygiene and motivation. And if the first one does not directly influence the degree of satisfaction, the second one has a significant role in assessing the level of loyalty to the company. Certainly, I would offer my company’s employees a bonus program aimed at continuous creative and career growth. Along with a differentiated compensation system and more flexible working hours, additional bonuses would be introduced in the company for achieving long-term goals. This would stimulate employees to work and add to their responsibilities.