Replacing Business Resources: Pros and Cons

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The situation involving improper resource assignment requires either replacing the resources or providing the current resources with the latest information on compensation and benefits. Both options with their specific strengths and weaknesses should be considered to ensure a quick resolution of the problem. The following discussion post aims to explain the pros and cons of each option and offer meaningful recommendations for the case.

The replacement of resources might be appropriate if the employees with up-to-date knowledge of compensation and benefits are available and ready to perform the task. Staff replacement is beneficial in situations demanding a prompt and competent response. Moreover, new employees can encourage and upskill the current staff by contributing to the knowledge of the team. The drawback of the option is that selecting and hiring new resources for the project is costly. Additionally, allocating qualified and skilled resources from other departments or branches can lead to the unequal distribution of resources and gaps in performance.

Educating the resources on the company’s new compensation and benefits policies can be time-consuming and challenging considering the need for a quick and effective solution. It might be worth creating a schedule identifying the training as a high-priority task to prepare the resources promptly and meet the project deadlines. Additionally, learning speed and preferences might be different, which can undermine the efforts to complete the project successfully. However, the main advantage of the option is that professional education or training might be viewed as a long-term investment since the resources can be employed for future projects involving the new compensation and benefits system. Therefore, as a new HR project manager, I would recommend the second option because it can cost- and time-efficient when adequately organized, as the introduction of the new system inevitably requires professional training.