Researching of Collective Genius

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Innovation requires companies and employees to be patient and work hard for a long time for a result. Linda Hill explains that the main challenge for modern companies is to create a context within which employees are willing and able to engage in the innovation process (Editor- I – Global Intelligence for Digital Leaders, 2016). She also emphasizes that innovation requires a lot of emotional and intellectual resources. Thus, Hill notes that innovations may not be breakthroughs but a series of daily changes leading to a major result. However, the most innovative companies develop an information structure aimed at acquiring and developing talent and their use within the innovation process. Leadership in this regard is built on the collection and support of a great team, as well as the direction of its work. Innovation is a collaborative activity that involves many people and takes a long time to achieve.

I agree with the point presented by Linda Hill that innovation requires a team effort to address a problem or opportunity. As noted, a leader can become a source of ideas and vision, but he cannot achieve development. Teamwork is essential to turn an idea into a business that is steadily moving toward innovation. In this regard, the leader’s task is to provide direction and guidance to those who want and can achieve the result. An organizational culture built on the integration of talent and their support is the most important in today’s business environment. Modern products and processes are so complex that they require the work of many different specialists. Thus, only a team of talented and engaged people, led by a competent leader, can achieve results when working on new, even more, complex tasks.


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