Social Corporate Responsibility and Its Role in Organizations

Understanding the basics of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the involvement of companies in it are useful aspects of the activities of corporations and the state. The United Arab Emirates understands, appreciates, and supports the principles of CSR. Even a small contribution of each company to the development of society and the implementation of sustainable development goals is necessary for the prosperity of the country and the world.

For this reason, the government has created the federal Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) UAE platform, which provides support for business community projects and rewards the most successful in this area (“Corporate social responsibility,” 2019). These awards increase the reputation of companies and encourage their employees to be more socially active. Consequently, support of the state and recognition inspires leaders to act with their employees in a socially responsible manner, which in turn encourages worker’s engagement in activities of their companies and CSR.

The UAE government appreciates companies that care about the development of the country and society by implementing the principles of CSR. In 2017, The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry awarded 37 companies that showed significant success in corporate social responsibility and an attempt to benefit the public by Label (“37 Leading Companies,” 2018). This award is honorable for any business as it demonstrates that the goals that the company set for itself were not only achieved, but also improved the society for the better.

As Chairman of Dubai Chamber said, the award was created “to encourage and honor outstanding companies for their CSR and sustainability efforts” (“37 Leading Companies,” 2018). It is also worth noting that such an award is an indicator of success and also raises the corporate reputation of the company and can attract new customers.

For this reason, both the federal CSR platform and business are interested in working together, since they increase the social, economic and environmental conditions in the country joint efforts while raising the status of the company. Besides, the receipt of CSR label means that the winner directed its efforts both to external stakeholders and its own employees, since without their contribution to CSR and the company’s performance, it did not realize its goals. Consequently, the award-winning companies set an example to the rest of the business world and push them towards corporate social responsibility and interaction with the government. Such changes have a positive effect on the reputation of the business environment in the country and motivate employees to engage in activities of their employers.

Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) was one of the winners to receive The Dubai Chamber CSR Label. In 2017, the company had seven goals in the “Year of Giving” program (“Year of giving,” 2016). For example, the RTA donated funds for the purchase of school buses and bicycles for students from poor countries, as well as for the buying of wheelchairs (“Year of giving,” 2016). This goal shows the company’s concern for the society in which it operates and the users of its services. In addition, the RTA initiated the Charity Stairs project, in which they wanted to pay every resident who uses the stairs instead of escalators in the metro (“Year of giving,” 2016). These steps demonstrate environmental concerns and contributions to solving ecological problems.

However, the most important goals were aimed at the engagement of companies its employees in CSR. This motivation was expressed in two ways, such as the direct participation of employees in volunteer projects, as well as their financial and moral support by the company. The second way is the internal effort of the company, which is aimed at obtaining the loyalty of employees and their desire to be useful for their employer.

RTA pays debts of employees who find themselves in a difficult situation, thereby giving them a chance to return to regular life (“Year of giving,” 2016). A person who thinks about paying a debt is usually depressed and concerns mostly about his or her problems, which reduces his or her success at work. However, employees who are relieved of their burden may be proactive at work, and the feeling gratefulness to the company pushes them to be hard-working. In this way, the RTA itself sets an example of social responsibility to its subordinates and inspires it to do the same.

Moreover, one of the company’s initiatives is the promotion of volunteer work among employees. RTA provides all interested workers to join volunteer projects during working hours, thereby strengthening their involvement in CSR and helping the community (“Year of giving,” 2016). Thus, the case of RTA demonstrates how the company’s internal CSR enhances employee engagement. Besides, on the example of these goals, one may note that the corporate social responsibility of the company can be useful for business, society, and the state.

In conclusion, the implementation of the principles of corporate social responsibility is an ideal example of cooperation between the state and business, which engage the employees. The Roads and Transport Authority demonstrates how the implementation of internal CSR encourages employees to be more active at work and in everyday life, which benefits the company’s reputation and its profits. In addition, the involvement of workers helps not only corporations but also the city, country, and society in which they operate.


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