Strategic Plan: Starlight’s Game on Wheels

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Introduction: Reconsidering the Starlight’s Game on Wheels Strategy

Gaming industry is one of those phenomena of the XXI century that can hardly be explained. Appearing in the 90ies and continuing its legacy to the present day, the companies belonging to the gaming industry maintain their income rates as high as possible, basing their calculations on people’s desire to take the first place in a certain kind of activity, even if the latter does not belong to the world of reality (Zackariasson & Wilson, 2007). However, even game industries need changes. Because of the numerous competitors, Starlight’s Game on Wheels seems to be in trouble; however, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the company, one can draw a further plan for Starlight’s Game on Wheels to succeed.

SWOT: Starlight’s Game on Wheels

To start with, a SWOT table on Starlight’s Game on Wheels must be drawn. It is essential to take into account the existing strengths of the company. Meanwhile, knowing the weaknesses, one can avoid future problems. According to the existing evidence, the current state of the company’s affairs can be depicted in the following way:

SWOT Analysis: Starlight’s Game on Wheels

  1. Diversity of the existing services;
  2. High quality of services;
  3. Individual approach to every client.
  1. Large amount of competitors;
  2. Weak strategy for facing the competitors;
  3. Lack of efficient advertising.
  1. Attracting more clients;
  2. Developing more games and services;
  3. Making efficient use of the current market niche.
  1. Losing to the rivals due to inefficient advertising campaign;
  2. Failing to meet the customers’ demands.

Strategic Objectives for the Business

Considering the results of the SWOT analysis, one must mention that the company has a number of strengths, one of which is doubtlessly the ability to embrace the clientele of different age groups and provide decent services for each of the groups in question. However, among the downsides of the current company strategy, the half-baked plan for fighting the rivals should be mentioned. Hence, a careful plan must be drawn for the company to succeed and provide decent services for the customers. With the help of the strategic plan below, Starlight’s Game on Wheels will most likely succeed in the nearest future.

Scorecard Four Balanced Areas for Measures Strategic Objective Measure Metric Targets
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Financial Cutting the current costs Money USD Maintaining same prices Flexible price policy Increased price with a discount policy
Deciding to whom, why and when discounts will be offered Money Developing discounts policy Offering seasonal discounts Creating a Member Club with more discounts
Attracting more clients Money USD Maintaining high revenues Increasing revenues (10-15%) Increasing revenues by 20%
Customer Creating efficient advertisements Customers’ feedback people Attracting more clients Increased number of customers (5-10%) Increased number of customers (15-20%)
Creating the ways to collect customers’ feedback Customers’ feedback answer Customer feedback analysis Improving the services according to the feedback Developing unique services based on the feedback
learning what customers would like to have as a bonus Customers’ feedback answer Offering specials Developing flexible bonus system Providing bonuses based on customers’ experience length
Operation or Process Reconsidering services Service quality Number of services Offering new services Developing offline applications Providing new game categories
Developing new game features Service quality Number of services Maintaining high quality of current services Improving the service visual and sound quality (3D games) Offering more levels and developing more complex games
Learning what games customers are most interested in Games classification Type of services Developing a concept of a trademark game Putting together an advertising campaign for the trademark game Releasing the trademark game
Learning and Growth Learning key competitors Competitiveness Company Facing competitors Reaching competitors’ level Surpassing the competitors
Analyzing current leadership strategy Positive/negative aspects Strategy aspect Practicing efficient leadership Learning to apply different leadership styles Analyzing the HRM strategy and creating a new one
Analyzing foreign gaming market Competitiveness Competitors’ rates Introducing the company to other countries (presumably Switzerland, Japan and Germany) Becoming well-known in other countries Beating the competitors in the other countries

Judging by the facts offered above, Starlight’s Game on Wheels must focus on the further growth and the means to expand even more, while maintaining the high standards of the company services. Since the latter has always been the company’s trademark strategy, it is especially important that at present, the clients should not be disappointed in the quality of the provided games.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that, while paying specific attention to the quality and diversity, Starlight’s Game on Wheels must not forget about the positioning of their services. A lot of attention must be paid to the correct manner of advertising and the proper representation of the games, since gaming industry is very homogenous (Wesley & Barczak, 2010).

As for the existing customer issues, it will be reasonable to develop a strategy that will allow to make even more people interested in the games. One of the possible suggestions can be offering a free game sample download and two or three days of free online playing. Thus, with the improved game quality, once one tries a game, (s)he will necessarily become the company’s client.

Summary: The Further Perspectives and the Possible Outcomes

Before drawing the conclusive remarks on the general strategy which Starlight’s Game on Wheels has to adopt, it is required to consider the plan offered above and highlight the further course of the company’s strategy, including its mission and values.


Taking into account the results of the SWOT analysis above, it is obvious that the current mission of the Starlight’s Game on Wheels is to offer the clients new and improved services while retaining the old and time-tested ones, and at the same time focus on the company’s growth. Meanwhile, it is especially important not to underestimate the numerous competitors who also provide exclusive gaming facilities and to offer unique services that no other companies can.


Speaking of the company’s values, one must mention the fact that the company considers customers’ satisfaction as their key priority. The given information is essential for evaluating the company’s policy, for it allows to figure out whether Starlight’s Game on Wheels has a good reputation among the people using gaming industry services.

Conclusion: There Is Still a Long Way to Go

In conclusion, it is necessary to mention that the company has already established itself and represented its key values, offering only high-quality services to the clientele, which means that the most complicated stage of the company development has been already completed. One of the main goals at present is maintaining the high standards and developing their advertisement system so that more people could learn about the company’s products. Hence, the existing competitors will not be able to take the niche which Starlight’s Game on Wheels has chosen as its distinctive feature. Once using the appropriate strategy, the company will be able to receive great revenues and be a major success again.

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