Team Building: How to Ensure It Is Successful?

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The manager in charge of the team must first analyze the group of individuals to determine its potential. Then he or she should collect relevant data and resources for the team to work with. After this, the manager should plan for the team. Planning includes laying down its activities as well as ways to improve the team. For future success, all teams must be evaluated. At KFC, there is a program called the Crew Incentive Program. As part of this program, CIP cards are given to all KFC customers who rate the restaurant staff on their performance. This motivates the team to perform better. The best team gets an award as recognition at the annual ceremony. This will help the manager determine which actions were successful and which should be avoided.

It is important for responsible managers to be careful when forming teams. Teams must be made up of people with diverse, but not conflicting, strengths and backgrounds. All the individuals in the concerned team must be capable of making decisions and contributing to the work. If team members are unwilling or unable to participate, the managers must provide them with adequate training to develop their skills and abilities.

The team leader or manager must clarify the goals to everyone involved. Individuals should all have the same goals and be able to relate to them. Any conflicts must be handled tactfully. All team members must contribute and their efforts must be rewarded. At all times, teams must have the support of their managers or team leaders. This is because they need a sense of direction, help in acquiring resources, motivation, and authority figures in times of crisis. It is important for managers to provide regular feedback to the team members. The team leaders of KFC restaurants meet the management at the head office regularly for feedback and to discuss plans and problems.

KFC managers design activities to engage all the staff at the restaurants to increase the feeling of team spirit. These activities are enjoyable and require everyone to participate in them. Awards are given to those who perform best in these activities. Such human resource planning creates stronger bonds between people and they start feeling like a family. This goes to show why teamwork at KFC is a success today.