Tennessee Air National Guard: The Case Study

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Statement of the procedure and selection options

In a time when the economies are falling and the price of gasoline and related products are raising, the never-ending workflow is taking a toll on the workers of the Tennessee Air National Guard, and their morale is getting lower day by day. The assignment is basically directed towards improving the morale of the employees. It is said that the successful execution of the methods will be beneficial in many ways like, the processes will save a lot of money, and the quality of the work will increase, along with proper documentation of the work processes. And finally, it will reduce the stress and time constraints of the employees. The current case is focused on the 118th Airlift Wing of the Tennessee Air National Guard.

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Everyone in the workplace has a clear job description, posted by the management. It is a rewarding job in many aspects. There was a problem of low morale in the employees, but now, after the facility has taken over the training mission, it has grown up. The job descriptions of the personals get changed regularly. Jobs are getting much complex regularly. The employees are stressed because the “constant and steady change” in job of maintenance. The pressure increased as the fuel prices increased throughout the World. An employee has to travel fifty to seventy miles on a regular basis and it is leaving them no time for vacation or to attend to personal matters. Earlier attempts have not been successful and still now it is said that a regular eight hours work is not enough for successful completion of the job.

Objective and Hypothesis of the project

The main focus of the project is to allow more time to complete the tasks on the C-130H and C-130WC. The more time that the employees will provide can give them other official off days where they can perform their personal businesses. Both the manpower and morale of the organization can be improved, along with improving the work environment. Raising morale is the most important part of the project. The project will allow the employees to complete their duties in a confident way. The final result of the project will increase confidence, along with high tempo maintenance and improvement of organizational standards.


More than 10% of the total employees take one Friday off in every month to have a three day weekend. 10% of the employees use their annual holidays to handle their personal businesses. 5% of the aircraft missions are delayed because of insufficient maintenance time. At least 30% of the employees complain of low morale due to the less family time. 30% of employees point out high commuting expanse as the cause of low morale.

Nature of Intervention/Alternatives

The flexible work week in the cases of emergency services like this is a very good solution to the identified problem. The compressed work week is a success in most cases. This helps to create a more responsible and enthusiastic work force, along with higher productivity. In most cases the employee-employer relation resembles that of “dictatorship”. But if the employees are provided to take part in different processes that help to develop the organization, it might have granted some freedom to work according to their wish. This will ultimately result in creating “enthusiastic employee”. But if there are some irresponsible employees, they should be handled firmly. There are a lot of varieties of the compressed work week system. It is beneficial for both the organization and the employees, and is consider a major stress reliever. With telecommuting, an employee can conserve energy and also help to preserve the environment, and it will help more employee freedom and reduce the number of employees in many cases. Other benefits of the process will be saving fuel money and also less traffic time. If all the factors get implemented, then it is easy to understand that the employees will have more time to look after their family and their personal matters. Organizational Productivity deals the different aspects will ultimate increase productivity if successfully implemented in the case.

Research Method/Key Result

In the research there are three thesis options, and they are Applied design intervention, Grant proposal submission and Alternative policy design. Applied design intervention is a flawed aspect because the option needed a certain criteria to be completed within a stipulated time limit. With the time constraint the option was not a viable and as the second aspect would require outside grants, will not be permissible. But the third one will allow many hypothetical solutions and it is the most important way to implement data effectively.

Data Collection Process

The data that are collected are derived from sources like surveys, records and different types of aircraft maintenance records. Some mathematical formulas are used to calculate the processes, and those are as follows: “Sample proportion ± z-score x estimated standard error”. “100 – Total number of missions – missions delayed or cancelled x 100/Total Number of Missions”

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The results show that the compressed work week can really help the organization in this case. The morale of the employees could really change in the aspect. It is being said that the aspect of absenteeism will decrease significantly in six months, and the morale of the employees will improve significantly too. These aspects will really solve the problems. To become level with the United States Air Force standards, the organization must implement these processes, and it will surprisingly develop the organization structure.