The Amazon Corporation’s Strategic (SWOT) Analysis

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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) analysis is one of the prominent tools for examining the characteristics of a business. As a comprehensive analysis method, SWOT allows investigating the current aspects of a company, uncovering its strong points, limitations, opportunities for future growth, and threats that could impede such progress (Sarsby, 2016). Typically, SWOT is performed to establish the corporation’s position in the market compared to its competitors, and the identified data can be used to plan strategic developments.

From my perspective, a company that could benefit from a SWOT analysis is Amazon. Despite being a well-recognized tech giant, this enterprise continues to experience numerous complications related to employee job satisfaction as multiple former workers file lawsuits against workplace discrimination (Rey, 2021). Therefore, conducting a SWOT analysis could help the leaders identify the internal limitations and potential strengths to mitigate these difficulties. For example, the executives could scan the current workplace environment, outlining the corporate culture weaknesses that contribute to the emergence of discrimination.

Furthermore, to gain additional insight into the occurring issues, Amazon could examine its external environment, namely Opportunities and Threats that impact its business. The results might shed light on the surrounding micro-and macroenvironment, presenting strategies to improve the employees’ well-being (Sarsby, 2016). For instance, understanding the sociocultural perspective on discrimination and its effects on Amazon is crucial for introducing an effective positive social change initiative. After retrieving the analysis data, the leaders might be empowered to eliminate discriminatory practices by adjusting to the employee welfare expectations, thus initiating positive social change.

Given the presented evidence, I believe that the Weaknesses section of the SWOT analysis would be the most essential to analyze. A corporation’s position in the market significantly depends on how well it handles internal issues, especially those connected to the employees’ job satisfaction and instances of discrimination (Sarsby, 2016). As the lawsuits continue to increase in numbers, Amazon should consider how its internal environment might prompt the emergence of harassment and which Strengths could help mitigate this problem.


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