The Effect on the US Economy During and After WWI

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After the USA had entered World War I, most of the country was thriving. Since the war required a significant number of resources to be spent, the fast production growth took place in almost every part of the coasts where the bigger part of plants was located. This included Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf coasts. The plants, in turn, required big parts of the US population to move to the coast areas to increase the productive capacity of manufactures. Therefore, the productive ability of the US had significantly improved over the course of almost one year.

In fact, the losses that America suffered (roughly three hundred thousand men) were so insignificant in comparison with other countries that participated in the World War I that some may argue that America came out of the War with the most increase in power that was possible. Furthermore, the condition that America was in after the WWI was far better than that of any other country that fought against the fascist counties.

Therefore, it is possible that President Wilson had foreseen the consequences of the WWI that would affect the US on many levels. If it is indeed so, then it was a very planned out decision that had a goal of improving the country’s welfare on different levels – social and economic alike. Another goal that the President may have pursued was that of uniting the US population in a fight against the common enemy. However, the US entering the war may have also affected political attitude towards America that other allied countries would have after the conclusion of the WWI.