The HR Selection Tools Analysis

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It is necessary to carry out large-scale and complex work to find a suitable person for the job. This process can include various components, depending on how closely managers approach the selection of candidates. While some jobs require just a diploma, other jobs require many general and specialized tests. However, the tools used by managers in different organizations can be standardized and categorized. This essay aims to analyze the information on recruiting tools obtained during the interview and compare this information with the techniques explored in the text.

The target of the interview was Matthew, HR Manager of a local company specializing in the repair of personal computers and other household appliances. In this organization, he is responsible for determining the approaches that will be applied to future candidates and making the final decision regarding the recruitment of a person. This is why Matthew was asked about the three most essential tools used in choosing applicants.

First and foremost, according to Matthew, all candidates are pre-screened following the basic established categories. Among such categories, one can single out the correspondence by age and existing education. In addition, such a technique allows weeding out those who cannot follow the most basic application instructions, for example, without providing fundamental information regarding work experience (“HR selection tools,” 2021). According to the manager, this method is a relatively quick and effective way to screen out the most inappropriate candidates. The selection is carried out as part of the study of information on the resume of candidates, which is submitted for consideration through a specialized Internet service.

The second step is to use specialized software tools that allow conducting a more advanced pre-employment assessment using specialized tests simultaneously. As Matthew noted, the company uses Harver as a candidate selection tool. This tool allows combining data from various sources, making it possible to carry the complete analysis (Kimberlee, 2020). Job applicants’ list of tests includes job knowledge tests, integrity/honesty tests, and emotional and cognitive tests. Finally, the decisive step is an interview with the hiring manager, conducted via virtual communication. This interview summarizes the latest results of all the passed tests and makes a final assessment of the candidate’s abilities and personal characteristics, based on which the decision is made.

It can be noted that almost all the tools used in the studied company are effective means for selecting candidates for positions, comparing the information obtained during the interview and the text proposed for study. Due to its close relationship with technology, all the hiring tools used in the company are also related to its use. The text under study provides examples of Internet sites created specifically to build a connection between candidates and employers, and this organization actively resorts to their help. In addition, the company actively uses digital decision-making tools based on statistical analysis and combining all available data.

In the initial stages, such programs sweep aside inappropriate statements in a matter of seconds; however, in other stages, the software only serves as helpers for analyzing the background of employees. In addition, this collection of information allows for more structured interviews, built on the basis of the passed tests and the results of the assessment of the candidate’s abilities. According to the text, structured interviews are the most effective ways to find candidates.

Thus, almost all of the investigated tools are effective and can be used to select candidates for the required positions. Since no significant shortcomings were noticed, it isn’t easy to make any specific recommendations. However, from my perspective, this company should not rely so much on using only a digital approach and diversify the selection process with elements of interaction in the real world. For example, the latter tool, the interview, can be transformed into a real meeting format, which will make it possible to more effectively assess a person’s personality since digital means cannot always convey all the necessary details.


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