Training & Development Section in Organization

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Our training and development section began in the year 1999. It was started by the managing director Dr. Steve with its main agent of training its employees to be deployed in the different section of our organization. The organization comprises of a high classic bar and restaurant.

Main objectives

The main objective of this section is to train new and sometimes existing employees to meet the needs of our standards in the organization hence building and retaining efficient and skilled workforce.

Entry of trainees

The entry into the training and development is open to all those eligible individuals who meet the requirements of the organization. Legible trainees are scrutinized through an interview which is conducted by the head of this department. When you are enrolled as new trainees, each trainees is supposed to give full personal details which includes his full name, his complete address and telephone number, current position in the organization and the type of training he would prefer to be offered i.e. whether its a complete long term training or short and temporary training.

Content of the course training and development

Several candidates are enrolled under different specialized training. This is aimed at creating work specialization which yields to higher productivity of goods and services. The following trainings are offered:

Food category:

  • methods of food preparations
  • food handling techniques
  • Food quality testing
  • Food hygiene

Servicing category:

  • catering
  • cleaning of the rooms and utensils
  • maintenance of decent karaoke rooms
  • Training on new entertainer and Disco jumps to maintaining high profile entertainment band

Training Expectations and Practices

At the end of the training, we expect that the trainees would have acquired the necessary skills that would include high performance skill as well as new ways of interacting with our customers in a respectable manner. We expect much improvement on the overall organization performance which will be reflected by the daily profits.

On-going Training/Seminars

At this moment, there are a few training which are going on. This includes recruitment of new employees to under take the work of entertainment in the new constructed entertainment hall. There also those former employees who wanted to further their knowledge and skill by using the new technology of cooking pizza.

Performance Appraisal

At the end of the training, each individual is given a test on the specific field of his or her specialization. The general performance appraisal at every three month is handed over to the employees by his supervisor who indicated on a form whether the progress of the employees is excellent/ very good / good / fair or even poor.