Ultimate Leadership Style: Possible or Not?

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The term of leadership is commonly used to reflect power, potential, position, heroism, and dignity. A leader is the person who rules or directs a certain group of people together under his guidelines and directions. Leadership is basically is the management capability and skill of a person who takes and moves a group of people to attain a certain set of goals and aims. In effective leadership, it requires to import the efficient ideas or force that could help in incorporating the goals set by the authorities. Leaders are the people who innovate, focus on people, do the required and right thing, develop ideas, inspire trust, long-run perspective, keep an eye on horizon, and originate work by showing originality. Effective leadership can produce efficient results, wide vision, attain goals, and obtain the objectives of the main campaign. According to the contingency theory of leadership, the success of the leader behavior is highly dependent on the demands and wants imposed by the situation faced.

Apart from all these qualities, not every sort of leadership is effective for all circumstances. Different criteria need different form of leadership qualities to be incorporated. There are situations in which the leadership style should be applied differently than the other situation. The leadership style used in the labor union market is entirely different than that of an enterprise or politics. Despite the fact that leaders make people follow them, there is no certain set of rules to direct all kinds of people by a single dictionary or set of rules of leadership. Leadership is an art which keeps changing with amendments when it meets different classes of people. Leaders often operate fine but burst out on staff, some are nice to staff but cannot bring the productivity level. There is no best way to direct or influence people. The effective leaders tend to treat different people with versatile and different tactics in order to handle them gradually. An effective leader would always make use of motivation and organized tasks to get the job done.