UMUC Haircuts Company: Business Processes

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  • The business process at UMUC haircuts needs to be improved.
  • Customer and employee scheduling is the key business process that needs modification.
  • This presentation explores two main areas:
  • How the proposed solution will boost the performance of UMUC Haircuts.
  • The most important considerations in the adoption of the new business process.

Process That Needs Improvement

  • Customer and Employee Scheduling needs to be improved.
  • Information Technology has to be embraced.
  • It will assist in making customer appointments and scheduling work processes.

Process That Needs Improvement

Proposed Solution and Major Components

Work Scheduling Software

  • It will be required to solve the IT problem facing

UMUC Haircuts

  • Telephone device will be required

Required Components

  • The software will require other components before installation
  • Employees are also required to operate the software

Benefits and Risks


  • Improvement of the customer and employee scheduling in the organization.
  • Effective management of time
  • Adequate time allocation for walk-in customers
  • Low cost of operations
  • It does not have data encryption capabilities


  • Provides data storage only.
  • Does not offer sufficient data processing capabilities.
  • Attracts a low rank.
  • Data will only be available to Myra and the employees.

Most Important It Considerations

High Usability

  • The program will schedule customers’ appointments and employee work schedules.
  • It will integrate customers’ requests with the employees’ work schedules.

Low Maintainability

  • Limited maintenance is required.

Most Important It Considerations

High Scalability

  • Can accommodate the high demand
  • Can be easily adjusted
  • Both small and large organizations can use the software

Most Important It Considerations

High Extensibility

  • Multiple computers can be used
  • Easy to network several devices
  • May attract economies of scale

Most Important It Considerations

High Portability

  • The system can be moved easily
  • Can be installed on various devices
  • It is not bulky

Most Important It Considerations

High Data Quality. It offers reliability in terms of data

  • Improved quality of data is assured.
  • Data can be easily stored, analyzed, retrieved, and disseminated.


  • The old business process model is not effective for the UMUC Haircuts.
  • Employee and customer scheduling requires a different model.
  • For example, it is necessary to match employees’ time with customers’ appointments using the new model.
  • It can assist in making an appointment with customers before formal meetings.