A New Employee’s Relationships and Source of Power

Subject: Employee Relationships
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Power is an essential element in the workplace, mainly because it fosters the control of processes and activities based on the critical objective. As an employee, it is necessary, to begin with building strong relationships and networks in an organization. It is important to establish a firm association with the aim of promoting teamwork in the workplace. As a new employee, the easiest way to understand the organizational culture of the company entails the ability to distinguish the key operational variables.

Teamwork promotes efficiency in job performance in an organization. Effective employee performance depends on the ability to operate in a team to accomplish the assigned tasks. As a result, it becomes sustainable while using the skills and knowledge to perform the appointed duty in the company. Power fosters an influential dynamism in an organization hence the importance of a new employee to focus on building secure communication and networks to comprehend and understand the organizational cultural construct.

The main goal of an employee involves working in a teamwork environment, mainly because of the ability to share knowledge and skills in attaining the primary business objective. In this case, as a new employee, it is essential to use the power of information. The use of information on the first day at work fosters objectivity and reliance from colleagues. On the one hand, it is vital to understand the company’s culture that will ensure effective absorption of the system. On the other hand, it is essential to utilize the acquired information to render an influential and objective baseline regarding the contribution to the system. The use of information raises the confidence level of the colleagues to entrust the new employee with certain duties and responsibilities.