Accounting and Business Ethics

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From an ethical point of view, accounting is a common area of improper business conduct. When business people have some financial issues, they can turn to an accountant who can help forge some documents. For accountants, this is a problem since they were hired and received money for their work, and the forgery of documents is unethical and illegal (Pride et al., 2019). In addition, accountants work with confidential information, and sometimes unscrupulous accountants can sell it to other business owners, which completely excludes accounting ethics.

The complexity associated with the leakage of personal information of some firms and their owners is also highlighted from the legal side. Often, this can help destroy a competitor’s business, which makes the accounting process an area of non-profitable business. In addition, the accountant is great responsibility for the timely submission of business reports and maintaining financial documents (Pride et al., 2019). Some accountants may break deadlines or make a mistake in managing monetary papers, which in turn can destroy the business, or the owner may receive a hefty fine.

It is probably impossible to follow the biblical worldview and be financially successful. Often business people are forced to lie, forge documents, and break some laws in order for their businesses to flourish. This may cause some people many problems, but it can be a real salvation for business. Many biblical laws are violated by businessmen, which makes the coexistence of the Bible and business almost impossible.

Business is a kind of sphere in which people are not alien to the violation of legal, ethical, and biblical laws was not something new for me. My attitude to the business world has been formed for a long time, and during my studies, studying various articles and books, it has not changed for the worse or the better; it has simply strengthened. Undoubtedly, there are extreme egregious events in the business world, but they are often destructive and only emphasize my slightly negative perception of this world.


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