Analysis of Foreign Brands Internet Appearance

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Overview of Channels for Individual Brands

The foreign brand in this analysis is the Swedish company H&M, which is mainly engaged in the production and sale of clothing. Since this is a reasonably large brand, it is present in all possible social networks. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and other primary means of communication with a broad audience. H&M also has its own page on the YouTube portal, where people can see videos from Fashion TV and other interesting content about fashion (“Social media”, 2020). The company’s website always reflects the latest information about current campaigns, collections, stores, financial information, as well as learn about the possibilities of distance trading in a number of countries.

On the other hand, a young Croatian brand of virtual clothing Tribute was chosen for the analysis. It is also represented in all the most popular social networks, but their number is noticeably less than that of H&M. Instagram, Twitter, and Tik Tok are the leading platforms where the brand is active (“This is the platform”, 2021). It should be noted that the main difference between large and novice brands is that the former can be present in the social networks of specific countries, such as Chinese WeChat or Russian VK. Such actions due to resource costs are not available for small brands.

Content Performance on Individual Channels

One of the largest social networks on which H&M conducts the main activity is Instagram with 38 million subscribers. The main content consists in posting photos showing various clothing collections. Stories also contain a demonstration of various brand products, but here they involve the audience more, finding out what they like (“Social media”, 2020). The activity is also focused on Twitter, where the brand tries to interact more directly with the audience. This is reflected in the fact that the posts are aimed at receiving comments on various types of clothing or other news. As mentioned earlier, the brand is also represented in many local social networks of various countries, where the content is similar to the main one but has a more significant national character.

Tribute is a relatively small start-up brand, so its content is concentrated in a small number of social networks. The main one is Instagram with 42 thousand subscribers, as it is ideal for demonstrating the brand’s product (“This is the platform”, 2021). This is manifested in the fact that Tribute makes virtual clothes that have no physical manifestation. Thus, their innovative product is aimed primarily at photos, which they present on social networks. There are very few subscribers in other social networks, and the content itself is mainly based on the demonstration of the clothes themselves.

Recommendations for Possible Substantive Improvement

For Tribute, the main problem is that their activities are practically not represented in the information field on a sufficient scale. This is manifested in the fact that their main content is concentrated only on Instagram. It is worth noting that they often post only photos of their product with rather pragmatic descriptions that are not aimed at engaging the audience. The same thing happens on Twitter, where the brand only makes reposts of news related to their activities but does not use possible tools to interact with the audience. In general, their social networks look more like a store where people can only look but not express their point of view.

Comparison of the Performance

The main similarity is that both brands are manufacturers of clothing, so it is important to demonstrate it on social networks. Thus, it can be noted that in almost all social networks, the user sees models who show clothes. Also, both brands demonstrate their activities reflected in fashion shows and magazines. The main differences are that H&M also makes entertaining, informative content reflected in their YouTube, allowing interaction with a broader audience. H&M also focuses on getting feedback from subscribers, which is practically absent from Tribute.


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