Leader-Member Exchange Theory and Leadership

Subject: Leadership Styles
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High-quality relationships between leaders and followers are characterized by a high degree of mutual trust, respect, and responsibility to each other. In my opinion, both the leader and the follower consider these aspects the same, as they are the basis for high-quality interaction. The relationship between the leader and the follower is based on the exchange of information and resources, which makes the concept of quality relationships the same for them.

Role-taking in the relationship happened when I first joined the group, and the leader assessed my skills. In the role-making stage, I managed to prove my reliability, and the leader paid a lot of attention to me, which had a positive effect on my development in the team. During the role-routinization period, my position in the team did not change much, but the leader was under more pressure from the out-group members. As part of my relationship with the leader, I experienced an increase in trust between us, as well as an increase in my productivity, as I was confident in the support and the opportunity to get advice. The relationship could be improved if we developed more mutual commitments to each other. Improved Theory of Mind could greatly help in terms of improvements in conflict resolution. This theory helped me improve the outcome of personal disputes, as I was able to negotiate more effectively.