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“Ottawa Wheels” organization is aimed to provide car owners with high-quality repair services. By using the latest innovations and mechanisms, professional workers of the company make customers satisfied and constantly receive positive feedback. The website has an easy interface that attracts new potential clients, and many people mention that they chose this company because of the convenient web page. Customers can find on the website all important information like location details, working hours, and contact number with an email address. Moreover, the website allows potential clients to analyze all existing services and choose one online to shorten the queues and save more time. This internet platform gives people many tips and recommendations on how to increase the operational period of their cars. Consequently, the live chat operates twenty-four hours, seven days a week, to answer all questions people might have around the world.

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The project management plan should be properly created to help the organization create one of the best websites and compete. The main determinant of the successful development of the internet platform might be the inability to control budget (Becker et al., 2016). Consequently, financial and budget distribution should be the main priority for managers. Building the project cost management plan might take a lot of time and effort, and the separated department of any company should control this process. I have started thinking about the project development during working with assignment A2 as this part of the work might be one of the most complicated. I managed to define two crucial parts of the project construction, which are finance regulation in the IT-sphere and transformation into the competitive branch of the industry.

Before creating a working management plan, it is important to identify major criteria which can lead to success. The main aspects of the future progress in developing the competitive website and general atmosphere of the organization are planning, estimating, protecting, controlling, and understanding deadlines. Each step should be analyzed critically to make the finance side of the business perform successfully. Planning is the first step that includes scheduling, understanding the current changes and innovations, producing daily reports, and creating an environment that encourages workers to make positive changes in the company. The second step estimates current spending and presents all available opportunities where money can be invested. Money spent on the development of the IT industry might generate more profit in the future. The third step protects managers from investing money into unreliable projects. Before deciding finical operations, deep analyses should take place. When money is invested in perspective projects, managers start controlling performance and creating graphs showing increasing or decreasing trends. These actions help to create a better vision of future development. The last step controls all intermediates and sets specific deadlines to perform efficiently.

Before expanding any business and creating a website, it is important to understand what customers think about the organization and what changes they want to see in the future. Questioners, surveys, and focus groups could be the major approaches to understanding customers’ preferences. The questions should not have many words and do not need to take time to be answered. This strategy will help to build a successful project management plan and establish an effective web page. The internet platform cannot be created in one day, and managers should understand this fact to set a specific deadline and be sure that the site will be built correctly.

IT specialists should cooperate with managers to pay attention to every page and create a high-level interface and navigation. However, unpredictable situations might happen, and any project management plan should have additional plans in case of delays in work or during risk situations. For example, one of the risks that might slow down the working process is a lack of budgeting or bankruptcy. Moreover, untrained staff and high unemployment levels might become the greatest disturbs. Every step of the project management plan should be structured, and future predictions play a significant role in this strategy. The success of the business and its website can be measured by forecasting future changes and analyzing positive changes that might happen. Organized managers usually succeed in their unique projects, and it might be complicated for young leaders to learn this discipline. The first projects might fail, but by spending more time studying and understanding the work of business projects, positive outcomes will influence career performance.


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