“Angliss Restaurant”: Angliss Entertainment Complex’s Code of Conduct

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The Angliss Restaurant provides a memorable atmosphere and various services that include different types of food and beverages. The restaurant complies with the Angliss Entertainment Complex’s (AEC) Code of Conduct, which ensures the quality of services and overall positive experience in the establishment. As a result, in order to maintain an impeccable reputation and retain the loyal client base, as well as motivate new clients to visit the restaurant, the establishment adheres to the following principles of customer service:

  • Integrity is the first principle that implies that all products and services are cost-effective. This means that the goods and services are in line with the price level, and customers can have access to services and foods that are in line with their comfortable price ranges.

Equity and diversity also play a significant role in the restaurant’s brand. For example, the establishment values all religions and cultures greatly. As a result, many foods on the menu adhere to the norms of many religions and can satisfy the needs of people from different cultures. Moreover, the staff of the restaurant are obligated to undertake training sessions that will make them understand various norms and customs on a deeper level in order to show respect to all customers.

Another principle that is of the utmost importance to the establishment is accessibility. In this respect, the staff must be available to all guests. Moreover, the staff must have a good knowledge of the products provided by the restaurant. The employees should possess a great amount of knowledge in order to give good recommendations or resolve various difficulties and complaints.

After having comprehensive conversations with the staff that included administrators, waiters, and chefs, analyzing online reviews, and chatting with guests, it was obvious whether service standards were met:

  • According to the feedback, received from the staff, it can be quite challenging to learn the wine list or menu.
  • According to the customer’s judgments, they might wait for their meals for an extended period of time, which can be inconvenient. However, it is compensated for by a friendly approach from the staff.

The online reviews are positive, for the most part, and include comments of gratitude for the good meal and drink recommendations. Though there are positive comments regarding catering to the needs of people of different religions, there are people who wish to see something more interesting on the menu.

These recommendations will be carefully reviewed in order to ensure that the provided service complies with the main values of The Angliss Restaurant:

  • Accepting responsibility for actions;
  • Timely responses;
  • Striving for excellence.

After examining the rules and processes in the personnel portal, addressing the standards and complaint responses, as well as keeping new trends in mind, new diversifications of the services can be implemented. The introduction of the following trends will adhere to the standards and procedures:

  • The first approach has to do mainly with adopting molecular gastronomy. As per requests of many customers, a new gourmet menu will be incorporated. This way customers will be able to enjoy new foods without paying exorbitant prices.
  • Another approach will ensure the establishment of special offers for customers during specific hours of the day. In this respect, business lunches will be incorporated so that customers can enjoy a nourishing meal during their breaks.
  • The last approach will pertain to staff and will imply the hiring of more employees in order to ensure the quick delivery of services and less pressure on the staff. The Angliss Restaurant caters to the needs of its client base and does not want them to have negative experiences.