Apple Inc.’s Legal and Ethical Challenges

For-profit organizations also face a great number of problems in their work. Being one of the most profitable international organization in the world, Apple still has many serious problems. First of all, they are connected with financial issues as the company cares about its incomes most of all, following the ethical principle of egoism (Fieser & Moseley, 2012). The first problem is connected with ideas for Apples products. Nowadays, Apple very often is criticized that their products are similar and just not significant changes are added to new models. People do not see the great difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 6. Moreover, Apple still has a great number of legal claims connected with licenses.

Other manufacturers of digital devices like Samsung or Microsoft consider a great number of inventions used by Apple to be theirs (Guglielmo, 2012). These claims cost a lot for the company. Another important issue is the problem of outside acquisitions (Jackson, 2013). It seems that Apple is not able to work efficiently with other companies. There is no use denying the fact, that it is vital for such a giant company to imply ideas of other organizations in its work. However, very often Apple is not able to do it.

With this in mind, it is possible to suggest some solutions to these problems. First of all, it seems obvious that an absolutely new product is needed. Being a symbol of the company, iPhone now is outdated. The company supplies it with new functions, however, its sense remains the same. That is why new models are needed. To solve the problem with licenses it is possible to suggest increasing the efficiency of the work of the legal department for them to patent all innovations created by Apple at once. Moreover, Apple should involve some other companies in its work in order to create some new services and draw the attention of people who were adherers of these companies.

These solutions seem to be the best under modern conditions as they can guarantee the further development of the brand and its prosperity.


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