Approaching the Marketing Issues in Hospital

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One thing that should be appreciated about the management is the thought to conduct in-depth market research it was from the research that they were able to come up with projects that addressed the needs of the community. Although the information was used in the right manner, the facility did not enact a lasting solution to the effects of culture on the delivery of medical care. If I were the Chief Executive Officer, I would enact culture intelligence programs in the facility alongside having people of different cultural backgrounds.

Cultural intelligence is a management tool within organizational psychology, that emphasizes that understanding individual, group, communal and national culture enhances strategic management; it influences the capacity of a business to engage successfully in a certain environment. With the approach to culture management, the human capital will not feel that they have been deployed to cater to those people with whom they share the same culture, however, they should learn the ways of life of other communities and be able to handle them professionally. According to the managerial tool, human behavior is to a large extent, an element of their culture, consumer behavior, attitude, beliefs, suppliers, and country of origin perception that influences business. Cultural intelligence thus emphasizes the need to understand the psychodynamics in a certain target market; the understanding will assist in decision-making for a successful business. I would also enact quality management systems like Total Quality Management (TQM) tools to ensure that quality, timely and reliable services have been offered by the facility.