Cultural Differences That Can Affect Globalization

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Language barrier

When target countries speak different languages from a parent country, then this may prove to be a challenge as members need to either learn the new language or look for very effective translators. The process of learning these languages may be a difficult one that may take longer for some than others. Also, some aspects of language cannot be understood outside of the said cultural context. Lastly, software applications or other pieces of technology developed in the parent company will need to be available in different languages just so that the group can cope.

Time zone

Communication may prove to be quite challenging between members of an organization, especially when real-time interactions are needed. This could slow down the pace at which supplies reach consumers and the rate at which orders get processed. More often than not, members may be reluctant to sacrifice convenient working hours for business opportunities in international organizations. Countries with highly variant time zones may not be good choices for business destinations.


Business cultures are quite different in various parts of the world. Consequently, multinationals must watch out for those countries that promote industriousness. However, local strategies can be adopted to overcome such inefficiencies, or expectations should be stated upon arrival. Global companies may also need to watch out for differences in communication, especially with regard to nonverbal and verbal cues. For instance, one may have to know what is preferred in terms of humor, eye contact, gender preferences, and tone of voice.