Resource Plan of a Project and Its Importance

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Resources are essential since they dictate the success of any project and the delivery of the targeted results in a timely manner. Stakeholders and managers will need to list and analyze such requirements. The first one is that of labor, and it will summarize “the roles, responsibilities, and skill-sets required to complete the project”. The manager will rely on this attribute to get the right number of staff members, their respective responsibilities, and external workers. This term is essential since it will define every role that is essential to support the completion of the entire project.

The second resource that is critical for any given project is equipment. This term is essential since it denotes the tools and items that are essential to complete the required activities. Some good examples will include furniture, machinery, building facilities, and computers. The manager and stakeholders should have a detailed description of all items, their specifications, and the period they will be needed for the specific project. This knowledge will guide the stakeholders to merge such equipment with the right people to use them and deliver the targeted outcomes.

The third key resource item of materials encompasses all generic materials required to support the completion of the project. Some of them will include gas, water, power, building materials, and stationery. The workers will list them and their respective components. The period intended for use should be clearly defined in the resource plan. The considerations of these aspects will support the completion of the intended project in a timely manner.