Avoiding Complacency Within the Company

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It is important to stay creative for any company. Complacency can suppress the creative atmosphere in the workplace and, therefore, should be avoided.

According to Catmull (2008), Pixar puts creative people at the front and empowers them to maintain their creativity throughout the whole production process. Teamwork is also important for brainstorming and generating ideas. Another key factor is easy communication, allowing workers to reach anyone without any middleman. Moreover, constant learning and a fun way to do it together with teammates will eliminate complacency. Analysis of the mistakes after the project is finished the discussion among coworkers to avoid complacency.

Moreover, Pixar can avoid complacency by putting a goal that cannot be reached. A practical example of that is a soccer team that is aimed to score as many goals as possible (Hartley, 2013). If the team’s aim was just to win, they would stop trying after scoring several goals and lose the game. Moreover, constant awareness of the outside danger of competition maintains the stimulus to develop (Fidler, 1998). Pixar should always be informed about its competitors and their progress to maintain development. In addition, the need for change should not be ignored, making the workers truthful regarding the necessary changes within the organization (Oster, 2018).

Moreover, it is essential to always criticize the existing organizational establishments (Sherratt et al., 2020). In addition, the customer-oriented approach will help avoid complacency as well (Hagen, 1999). Customers’ needs are always changing, pushing the company for constant development, and avoiding stagnation. It is critical to avoid focusing on past achievements to maintain the success of the company. Furthermore, Pixar should make employees focus on the process of the work rather than the outcome. It will keep the workers on the same level of creativity and productivity (Tobin, 2021). In addition, Pixar should try to step out of its comfort zone in terms of both organization and production. The growth of the company is only possible outside of the comfort zone (Job, 2021).

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