Orange Jordan Operator’s Innovations and Technology

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Orange Jordan is a public mobile telephone network operator which benefits from the use of innovative solutions and unique services offered to its clients.

At the moment, the company cooperates with multiple partners, such as Ericsson, to boost online learning and help students to evolve their skills (Orange and Ericsson, 2021). From a long-term perspective, this focus on innovation will contribute to the acquisition of new clients and introduce new communication technologies to the market, providing the company with a competitive advantage (Freihat, Homsi, and Hashem, (2020; Qawasmeh and Al-Omari, 2013). Orange Jordan supports and promotes this education portal with its youth-oriented programs as it invests in the future.

Another example is a project called Innovation Space, supported by Orange Jordan and the European Union. It will help to improve the digital culture among the users of Jordan, foster their digital skills, and cultivate the entrepreneurship culture, which is vital for the modern world (EU and Orange Jordan, no date; Orange, 2018). This innovative idea will increase the clients’ loyalty and empower Orange Jordan’s position in the market, along with the improvement of its image (Bellion and Robert-Demontrond, 2018; Schilling, 2021). Furthermore, the company is characterized by the highest average data consumption per user (Ying, 2016). It means that most clients benefit from the guaranteed access to various networks, media, and information, which also promotes the brand and creates conditions for further rise.

Compared to close rivals in the sphere, such as Vodafone Verizon, Orange devotes more attention to cultivating innovation within the company and among clients. For instance, its projects are aimed at improving individuals’ access to data via the newest technologies and network solutions offered by Orange Jordan (Orange, 2018). This focus on innovativeness helps to boost priority and create the basis for future growth. Thus, Verizon also offers the project of innovative learning, trying to employ the trend and benefit from following innovative practices (Verizon, no date). It means that for Orange, with its focus on technologies and creativity, multiple opportunities to occupy a particular niche exist.

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