Coaching Worker With Motivation Issues

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Janet, a young office manager at a local company, appears to have issues with motivation to move from her current position to begin a potentially risky project. While her job does provide financial stability, she feels dissatisfied with the lack of opportunities for personal growth. This case study will outline the possible course of action for coaching Janet and setting her on a path for self-improvement.

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Janet already has enough reasons to move forward — her belief in the potential she has and the wish to get more out of life. Her dream is to own a business, which requires the ability to make tough decisions. For this purpose, spiritual guidance can be mixed with life coaching to help a future leader with achieving well-being and a clear vision of the future with a set objective (Allen & Fry, 2019). The existing motivation needs to be developed further to transfer it into reality.

The belief and the idea will be turned into drivers for transformation. However, the change itself is not well-defined, and there is the need to help Janet to outline the course of action. Through this plan, Janet’s vision will be brought to life gradually. The development of one’s leadership capabilities requires a significant focus on a positive self-image (Allen & Fry, 2019). Therefore, my role as a coach will be to ensure that Janet will remain on the chosen path by providing her the ways to increase self-confidence.


In conclusion, Janet’s belief can be strengthened by positive affirmation of her actions and support of her idea. To help Janet with her goals, I will construct a plan that will aim to improve the client’s self-confidence and help her realize her potential. Moreover, I will work towards increasing her mental resilience by giving her the opportunity to discuss her concerns openly and coming with ideas on alleviating them.


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